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Educating the youth of America
Educating the youth of America

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Kind of a specific issue, but I'll throw it out there. Has anyone had any success pairing a Garmin 225 to their G3 (D851) using latest Tesla? Guessing it's a low power bluetooth issue. 

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Anyone getting this issue on Tesla 2.3 D851?

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Selling my mom's mint condition verizon iphone 5s on swappa. Check it out if you're looking for a replacement.

The rom becomes unresponsive and requires a battery pull when trying to switch gpu governors. Anyone else have this problem? I'm on D851 with a clean install of Tesla and using the roms default kernel. 

I don't know what rom everyone moved on to, but I've tried a bunch. I was on vanir for a while, but there weren't any updates to 5.1 so I tried commotio but it bootlooped on a clean install. Got into aicp but it was pretty buggy. Finally landed on resurrection remix and it is super fast and super stable. A lot like aosip! So if you're still looking for a rom I'd give it a try. Really enjoying it on the d851.

Hey guys I'm on the latest nightly for d851 and I'm wondering if HD calling (volte) is built in or is there a setting that I'm missing? Great ROM by the way. Thanks for the efforts.

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The only thing I think about when AOSIP gets mentioned:

Happy to report bluetooth contact sharing now works in my car after taking a couple of releases off. Thanks for your hard work +mike williams​ and +Kris Nelson​. 

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Reporting back on my bluetooth issue. The bug where there is no action after pairing with my car and pressing the share contacts button is still present. This previously worked last in version 3.5. Just keeping the dream team informed.

I'm kind of stupid when it comes to logs but you can take a look here. (I'm guessing it would be near the bottom?) If this doesn't have the right info let me know and I'll try again.
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