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Frank Mares
The true reincarnation story of a man who discovered nine of his prior lives.
The true reincarnation story of a man who discovered nine of his prior lives.


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I have a new fun book out that my fellow psychics will love. Its like a supernatural fun (and true) version of "fifty shades" where a sensual psychic falls into a risky affair with his also psychic, past life soul mate. (Available on Amazon.)


Here is an interesting reading that I had a few weeks ago:

Hanging about on 9

This post is a reincarnation story and a psychic story all rolled in to one.  In my continuing quest to learn how the spiritual world works, I made my quarterly visit to my psychic trainer Brenda Posani for another reading. My specific objective was to interact with my spirit guide Morton. I wanted to learn more about him and to try to establish a more personal relationship with him.  If you read my book, you will recall that Brenda introduced me to Morton several years ago in another reading, describing a scene where he was having an egg fight with another guide named Gulliver.  Brenda told me then that Morton was my main guide. 
Many psychics do have personal relationships with their spirit guides because they can have a 2 way dialogue with them.  I do not have this luxury because my psychic messages are limited to yes and no answers.  It’s hard to establish a conversation when all you can receive is a simple yes or no.  This limitation requires that I initiate all questions with my guide (or any spirit) and it would take a tremendous amount of time to get any interesting information from him.  I had used Brenda in the past to have conversations with my deceased father and that worked out very well as my Dad would pretty much communicate in simple English sentences without much symbolism.  My hope was that I could set up the same type of dialogue with Morton. I thought it would be helpful to find out about his most important prior lives to get some context about him and why he was assigned to me.
On May 1st during a meditation session at home, I asked Morton if was up for an interview through Brenda, I received a yes response from him.  I then asked if I should make an appointment with Brenda the next day which was a Thursday and the answer was no.  When I suggested Friday, Morton agreed.  I then booked a 2:00 PM appointment with Brenda through her website.
On the Friday morning of my reading, I took the opportunity to go the outdoor gun range at Delaware State Park.  (No, I am not getting off on a tangent; my gun range activities that day had a spiritual connection.)  My mission was to break in my new M-16 assault shotgun.  The shotgun looks and feels like a regular army M-16 assault rifle except that it shoots shot gun ammo.  To get the semi-automatic feature to work correctly, the gun’s manual said that you have to shot at least 100 rounds through it to break it in.  Since I was going to the range anyway, I brought along some of my German WW2 weapons, the MP-40 submachine gun and my Walther P-38 pistol to also shoot.  Since it was a fairly warm day, I wore cargo pants shorts, hiking boots, a solid gray T-shirt and to literally “top it off”, my wool gray-green WW2 German Edelweiss cap.  Why did I wear that cap?  Maybe by wearing the cap I wore in my immediate past life, I was trying to call upon that life’s military skills to help me with my new unfamiliar gun.  Anyway, my look that morning was “military casual.” As usual, I got a late start to get to the range which is a 30 minute drive from home.  I had an enjoyable time shooting all three of the guns, but I had to hustle back to get to my appointment with Brenda.  I had just enough time to drive back home to stow my weapons back into my gun safe, but I had to take the short drive to Brenda’s office in the same clothes that I wore to the range. I think I faintly smelled of burnt gunpowder.  I barely made it to Brenda’s office on time.
Bursting through her door at 2:00 pm, we went to her office to begin the reading.  I told Brenda that I had already set up an interview with Morton and that I wanted to have a conversation with him. It did not take long for Brenda to make the connection with Morton, but unfortunately, he was not going to communicate in simple sentences like my dad. He instead stayed with symbolic language.
Brenda reported, “He keeps saying, “Hanging about on nine”. What does that mean?” To help solve this mystery, she then asked me what the ninth planet in our solar system was.  

“I don’t know, its Neptune or Pluto”

“Maybe he’s hanging around that planet,” pondered Brenda.

Many times you receive symbolic messages that you just cannot decipher immediately. I tried to move on by asking Morton a question, but Brenda replied that Morton kept on repeating the phrase, “Hanging about on 9”.

Since Morton was being persistent about it, I knew I had to put greater effort into figuring out his message.

“Maybe he is talking about me instead,” I ventured.

“Ok, what does the number nine mean to you?” asked Brenda.

I had to think about that question, because nothing immediately hit me. Then I made the connection.
“The subtitle to my book is “the true story of a man who found nine of his past lives”.  If you take those nine lives and put them in chronological order, my World War 2 life as Otto the German Sergeant would be life 9.  My guide is obviously referring to me reenacting my “ninth life” this morning by going to the gun range and shooting the very same weapons that I shot in my prior life.  Plus I was wearing the same cap Otto would have.
 It’s fascinating to realize that my spirit guide was watching my activities that morning and had the wit to make a funny comment about it. 

With that funny revelation, we were able to move on where Morton revealed that he was once a explorer in two of his past lives as a Viking, crewing with Leif Eriksson and later was a Spanish conquistador in South America.  In a future blog post, I will reveal what Morton’s exploration background has to do with me.  All I can say, is after this life, he is going to take me somewhere fascinating! 

Here is my latest blog post at where I have some fun with my mother-in-law who is now on the "other side". This is nothing new for my fellow psychics, but light hearted readings are always fun.

One recent afternoon I went to one of the great clairvoyants, my psychic trainer Brenda Posani, for a reading to follow up on my “rough seas ahead” psychic prediction. I specifically remembered that Brenda told me a year ago that we would (all of us) have a hard time getting water in the future and I wanted to explore if this prior vision of hers matched my dark vision of the economic future. I wanted Brenda’s reading to stick to that subject matter. That was my plan and she did come up with additional scary visions that supported my prediction. However, we will save the “doom and gloom” stuff for a future blog because in the middle of the reading, visiting spirits threw my plans off course (anytime that you open the “psychic speaker phone”, you never know who will join the conversation.) How my reading was thrown off went like this:
“Do you know someone named Louie?” asked Brenda.
“Yes, that would be my wife’s grandfather.”
“Well he’s here, replied Brenda.
Louie was an Italian man and I called out loud in Italian, “Louie, how are you doing?”
Brenda responded, “Your wife has been having a hard time with her mom’s death, hasn’t she?” (This would be Louie’s daughter Mary, my mother-in-law, who recently passed.)
“Yes,” I said.
“Louie told me to tell you that he has been spending a lot of time with Karol trying to console her.”
“Thank you Louie,” I called out.
Just then, Brenda told me she was hearing this rock song by Mollie Hatchet that had these lyrics:
I’m travelin’ down the road and I’m flirtin’ with disaster
I’ve got the pedal to the floor and my life is running faster

Brenda continued, “It’s your mother-in-law and she just arrived. Whew! That’s what that song was about! She is going everywhere and doing everything! She seems to be having a great time over there!”
“Lucky her, I told her that she would be having a great time over there.” I said, “Hey Mom, how are you doing? I knew you would be having fun!”
I then wanted to needle her about something we always joked about when she was alive. My Mother-in-law was a very conventional Catholic. After I received my revelations about my prior lives, I would always make it a point to remind her that I was once a Catholic Arch Bishop. She would always humor me by genuflecting to me, but I knew that she never came close to believing me. Now that she was in spirit and had universal knowledge, I wanted her to admit that I was right.
“Hey Mom, I want you to now finally admit that I was once the Arch Bishop Konrad Von Hochstaden.”
Brenda then laughed and told me, “She asks if we really have to go there.”
“Yes we do!” I said, “I want her to finally acknowledge it.”
Brenda responded, “She says alright, you were once an Arch Bishop.” And then Brenda mimicked my mother-in-law making a joking dismissive gesture of her waving me away.
“There finally!” I said, (her response was not iron clad reincarnation proof, but I will take it!) “And Mom, did you notice me blessing your casket with the sign of the cross with holy water? That’s the only time in my life I ever did that.”
Brenda passed Mary’s response, “Yes I did, thank you for that.”
With that, the spirits of my in-laws moved on. It always fascinates me how spirits communicate in symbolic language, which in this case was the Molly Hatchet song. My mother-in-law never heard of Molly Hatchet when she was living, but yet with her access to universal knowledge, she would use that song to communicate her feelings to Brenda.
On a personal note, it was great to see that my mother-in-law was happy and not in pain anymore. It was also great fun to still kid around with her once again. I am truly blessed in that I have access to my loved ones whether they are in body or out of body. You can too if you find a psychic medium like Brenda or you that you develop your own psychic powers.

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Hello all, I want to throw something important out to my fellow psychics today to see if you are getting the same message I am.  As a preface, I do not give psychic readings because my abilities have not developed to that level.  However, Spirit recently sent me a “video” vision during a meditation that lead me to post my first (and probably only) psychic prediction on my website  The prediction is of a big spiritual test coming to everyone because of a coming crash in the economic system (details in the below blog posting.)  Many months before I got this vision, my psychic trainer, Brenda Posani, had a vision where everyone would have hard time getting water. We live in the Columbus Ohio area, so water is not normally a problem here.  Her vision is scary, because lack of a functioning water system is one of the main fears of the “survivalists”.  Anyway, I would much rather be ridiculed for being wrong about my “reading” than for  it to come true (i.e. I certainly don’t want this vision to happen.)  If anyone is interested, would you share what Spirit shows or tells you about this topic?  

Posted by fmares - December 6th, 2012
In my previous blog, I described my happy reaction to finally getting a clairvoyants ability. Recently, I received a vision of a group of warships struggling against very heavy seas and I was able to interpret the vision’s meaning. When I got the vision, I asked the Source if this was some random vision or if it was a message vision. The answer I got was “message vision.” Normally, I leave psychic interpretations to the professionals, but this time I will give it a go because I think it is very important.
The interpretation of my vision is rough seas are coming and the warships signal conflict. If you read the book series “Game of Thrones” or saw the series on HBO, you will be familiar with the phrase “Winter is Coming.” The meaning of the phrase is that summertime cannot last forever, that a hard winter is coming and everyone must be prepared. My new psychic friend Kc Matronia just recently posted a channeling message that also warned “In an emergency situation will you remain balanced or will you plow over others to hoard, and push others away to have safety only for yourself? You do not need to be a hero, you just don’t want to harm. Many people find nurturing compassion in time of struggle and emergency. Others fall to their fears, and act in anger. You can tell because they tend to do the same when they are drinking alcohol. Spirit is showing this so we learn to plan now, discern now. Become aware of your allies and your motives now. Adjust and make necessary changes now. Playing mind games and emotional games is over. Soon is the expose’, costumes off, characters revealed. Be who you will be proud of inside. Know thyself.”

So, what is the danger you should ask. Before I tell you, let me preface by remembering a sermon given by Rev. Joe at 1st Guiding Spiritualist Church. Joe is a very talented psychic, but in this sermon he said that part of being a psychic is being observant and realistically assessing the environment around you. With that in mind, here is what I see (my background is finance, so I can talk about these things):

1. Our government is absolutely broke, it borrows 40% of its total budget.
2. When the Fed Govt. does borrow through selling Treasury Bonds, the Federal Reserve buys most of them by creating money out of thin air and then buying the bonds, transferring the dollars to the Fed Govt.
3. Our current debt now is 16 Trillion Dollars and the budget forecasts are to add an additional $1 Trillion dollars to the debt each year as far as the eye can see.
4. There is no Social Security Trust Fund. The politicians of both parties took all of our money and spent it on current government spending. All that is left in the trust fund are IOUs. IOUs financed by the Fed Reserve creating money out of thin air.
5. The Fed keeps the cost of borrowing low by manipulating interest rates so that they are at historically low levels. Remember when people complained about only getting 5% on their bank savings? They would kill for that rate now!
What happens when interest rates return to just the 5% level? Interest payments by the government will grow to 1/3 of the entire revenue that the government takes in. What will cause interest rates to rise? Inflation from the flood of money that the Federal Reserve is creating. Inflation will take off and be far worse than what it was in the late 1970’s. The current safety net will be shredded because the government will have little money to spend. It will not be able to borrow anymore. The unemployment rate will skyrocket with little safety net available. People will be hungry. There may be actual riots like Greece and Spain.

I want to assure you that I am not being political here. It didn't matter who won the election, the country was already past the point of no return at the time of the election. Neither candidate would have had the ability to stop this coming train wreck.
When will this happen? Those familiar with the psychic world know that exact times and dates are never given. Spirit only reveals events, but not when. From a financial analysis viewpoint, the bad times will come as early as 2 years and as late as 6. In four years, the national debt will be over $20 Trillion dollars. What is a 5% interest charge on $20 Trillion dollars of debt? Answer: annual interest payments of $1 trillion dollars per year. What is the current federal budget? $4 Trillion dollars. 25% of the budget will be going to interest in perhaps 4 years! Like I said, “Winter is coming.” Be prepared. This experience will really test you as a soul.

Hello fellow Psychics! I am so glad I found this community.  I am a  clairsentient psychic  with a strange ability.  I receive head shake yes and no answers to questions that I put to the "other side".  Not as glamorous as what the rest of you folks have, but it still works for me. Recently, after three years of joining the club, I am just starting to get some weak clairvoyant abilities.  If anyone out there has some ideas how to strengthen my clairvoyance abilities, it would would be greatly appreciated! I am doing affirmations. Thanks for any help!  Frank Mares

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