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Mojo Massage Singapore
We bring health & relaxation to you
We bring health & relaxation to you

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Rejuvenate with Mojo Massage!

The massage therapy
Massage is favoured by many because it works as a therapy. People sought massage to release their stress. Massage literally releases the knots of tension in the body and creates a calming feel thereafter.

With more and more people getting caught in the rat race, massage is the way to relax the body and mind. Apart from that, the feeling of being pampered adds to the self-care routine. Many feel that massage is only limited to vacation times.

We, at Mojo Massage strongly believe that massage should be incorporated into the routine. Too much stress building up due to work and family can negatively affect the health. A little ‘me time’ in the form of massage will definitely work as a therapy and make you feel rejuvenated and more than ready to face life!

At Mojo Massage, we believe that massage is one of the greatest pleasures on Earth when done correctly. We are one of the leading providers of massage service in Singapore and we are here to help you.

Right to your doorstep!

Yes, we hear you. Battling the traffic, lack of time, and difficulty in finding childcare outside of home can make you think twice to book a slot to pamper yourself. Worry not, as one of the leading service providers of massage service in Singapore, we are here to help you.

We bring highly professional massage service in Singapore right to your home! All you have to do is call us to fix a time for your massage and our masseuses will be there on the dot of the fixed time. We provide nothing but the best to our customers and your comfort is our utmost priority.

Our services

With well-trained and highly qualified masseuses, we provide many types of massage service in Singapore. The massages that we offer are Thai massage, Balinese massage, and traditional oil massage.

Thai massage uses various yoga-like poses combined with deep static and rhythmic pressure. There are no oils or lotions used in Thai massage.

Balinese massage uses acupressure, skin rolling and flicking, stroking and application of essential oils.

Traditional oil massage uses special oils that moisturizes the skin such as olive oil and sweet almond oil.

Hire us!

As highly professional providers of massage service in Singapore, we are here to make you feel rejuvenated.

Get A Massage At The Confines Of Your Own Space!

The calming power of massage

Massages are great antidotes for stress so much so that for many people a vacation is not a vacation without a massage scheduled in. Efficient massages help to restore mental stability, improve blood circulation, and positively affect your mind, body, and spirit.

With so many benefits, you should not have to wait to go on a vacation to get a good massage. Massages should be incorporated in your routine to make you feel better and to combat stress arising from work and family. Massages are also famously known as the best ‘me time’ that anyone could have.

Sadly, many are not able to fit in a massage in their schedule due to the lack of time. The lack of time, the hassle of going to the massage place, battling traffic, arranging daycare for the kids and wanting to just go back home after work are some of the reasons that might be the obstacle.

Worry not! Mojo Massage is here to bring you high professional home massage in Singapore.

Our vision and mission

We provide highly professional home massage services to you, right at your doorstep. Our masseuses are well-trained and vastly experienced in various types of massages. Our vision is to become the best and a world class provider of outcall massage in Singapore. Our mission is to provide safe and comfortable massages for all our customers according to their needs and requirements. To put it simply, we come to your house when you want us to provide you with authentic home massage in Singapore.

Our Service

We provide three types of home massage in Singapore which are Thai massage, Balinese massage, and traditional oil massage.

Thai massage does not involve the usage of oils or lotions and customers will remain clothed during the massage. It uses various yoga-like poses combined with deep static and rhythmic pressure.

Balinese massage involves acupressure, skin rolling and flicking, stroking and application of essential oils. It uses manual therapy and aromatherapy.

Traditional oil massage uses special oil that moisturizes the skin such as olive oil and sweet almond oil. These oils are chosen as per your requirement.

Call us!

All you have to do is to call or Whatsapp us to make an appointment and we will be at your doorstep to give you a wonderful home massage in Singapore!

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Most of us are accustomed to taking massages inside private rooms that have no view and only offer a clean and sterile environment. However, it has been proven that, massages like a Balinese massage Singapore taken in natural settings can prove to be most beneficial. There are several reasons why a natural massage technique will work best when you get the massage outdoors.


There are many massages that prove to be more effective when they are taken outdoors. Indeed, we all know that natural surroundings can have a calming effect on the mind. When we are outdoors in scenic natural surroundings, we feel relaxed and rejuvenated. If you are by the ocean side at a resort destination, it might be the best time to combine the healing efforts of a massage like a Balinese massage.


If you are wondering how to get an outdoor massage session arranged, you might find such a service readily available at a resort spa service. If you book yourself a Balinese massage session, many masseurs will recommend an outdoor setting for the massage. Centers that offer the traditional massages often have the option of outdoor sessions. Those that are located by ocean sides or other scenic locations outside the city offer outdoor sessions. You will find such sessions to be relieved and destressing much more than confined indoor settings for your massage. A Balinese technique in particular involves aromatherapy and acupressure techniques that work well in a natural and outdoor setting.

If you are looking for a natural setting for a Balinese massage, look up a session at the MojoMassage center in Singapore. This center is known to offer different kinds of traditional massages through experienced masseurs.

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The Benefits of Thai Massage

Pining after a good traditional Thai massage similar to the ones you find in Bangkok? Call us at Mojo Massage for a booking today. Sit back, relax, and let our professionally trained masseuse help to dissolve the stress and tension in your body within an hour. Traditional Thai massage does not involve the use of any oils or lubricant during the process. It focuses on joint mobilisation and stretching. It also comprises of acupressure, manipulating the body into yoga postures together with Indian Ayurvedic principles. Dating back to the ancient times, Thai massage encompasses a world of benefits for the receiver.

When the masseuse manipulates the receiver’s body through different yoga-like stances, it gradually helps them to be more flexible over time. This also helps to reduce stubborn knots and strains in the back and the neck. Going for a Thai traditional massage can also helpsus to relax, helping to remove stress and tension from the muscles. It also helps to improve balance, posture, and detoxification of the body.

Another benefit of Thai traditional massage would be the improvement of mental health well-being. It is said to be as good as meditation. Studies have also found that the level of serotonin – a happy hormone, increases when people receive massages. There is also a significant reduction in the stress hormone called cortisol.

For those who have not experienced a traditional Thai massage session in Singapore, here are some things to expect. First of all, it is always a full body treatment, and the masseuse will always start from the soles of the feet. It is important for the receiver to be clothed in loose comfortable clothing as the masseuse will be moving you into different yoga stances. Do not worry about not being flexible with regards to these yoga stances, your masseuse will only stretch you as much as your limbs, muscles and joints allow.  The massage positions include: seated, lying on your back, side lying, and face down.

Understanding Thai Massage

Thai massage is known as one of the oldest modalities that goes back to the time of Buddha which was more than 2,000 years ago. It was an Indian doctor who introduced it in Thailand and it had the name Nuad Phaen Boran which means ancient or traditional massage. Later on, it became Thai massage.
Thai massage has been used by monks around Southeast Asia as part of indigenous Thai medicine. Just like any traditional medical practice in the area, illness is considered as imbalance of the body, mind, and spirit.
What Is Thai Massage?
Thai massage is based on the concept that there are energy lines running through the entire human body. These invisible lines are called Prana Nadis which supply us with energy. There are ten mainlines which are also considered as acupuncture points. Through working on these mainlines, the blockage to energy is removed enabling the free flow of Prana which makes way for general well-being.
Thai massage deals with interactive manipulation and makes use of two primary procedures. With this massage, the therapist applies pressure with the use of hands and feet on the energy lines and a series of stretching movements is also applied to enable the body to come up with certain postures. Such movements and postures help to align all the energies of the body.
Thai massage is different from the usual massage because of the kneading of muscles, the strokes of different lengths, and the pressure used to calm, relax, or to stimulate. It focuses more on the energy and not on the body.
What Are Its Benefits?
Thai massage is known to energize the body and it releases tension and toxins that come from joints, connective tissues, and muscles. This has been used for many years to treat degenerative illness and to promote wellness. Some of its key benefits are
It balances the body’s energy
It stimulates internal organs
It relieves muscular and joint tension
It adjusts the skeletal structure of the body
It increases flexibility
Thai massage is known to be more vigorous than traditional massage since it is energizing and relaxing too.

Orchard Road, that One Place To Go When in Singapore

Singapore may be one commerce, finance, and transport hub in the Southeast Asian region. Most businesses operate in the city state that is why a lot of people see the country as a place to work or do business in. Orchard Road, the 2.2 kilometer boulevard is Singapore’s retail  and entertainment hub is proof that it’s not just all work and no play in the country. The boulevard has more than 20 shopping centers that shoppers can choose from. Every Christmas, Orchard Road is decorated with Christmas lights to commemorate the season. However, more than a place to shop, there are actually a lot of things that you can do in Orchard Road. Here is a list of other fun activities that Orchard Road has to offer.

Appreciate Art

Along Orchard Road, there are shops that offer pop and contemporary fine art. Here, you’d find original paintings, sculptures, etchings, lithographs, screen prints, and other artworks.

Fly an Airbus

Do you have dreams of flying an aircraft? An Airbus A320 at that? SG Flight Simulations gives you that chance to somehow realize your dreams. With an instructor to guide you, you can take up to two of your friends on a simulated flight for either 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes. You can pick your destinations from the thousands of airports, preferred weather conditions, and the time of day.

Visit Tourist Spots

Just along Orchard Road, you can visit up to 10 tourist attractions. You can choose between parks, museums, old government houses, and other great sights to see.


There are so many places to go and eat along Orchard Road. There are many different kinds of restaurants along the road. From fine dining to street stalls, different cuisines, tea and coffee shops are yours for the choosing.


There are also many shops for relaxing along Orchard Road. There are shops offering Orchard massage service, get your hair and nails did. The many spas and shops bolster Orchard Road as themassage central Singapore visitors and residents can turn to for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Feel at Home

Orchard Road is also home to some of the flashiest, 5 star hotels in Singapore. So after you have shopped all day, played all day, traveled all day, you know that you will have a sanctuary along Orchard Road.

So whether you are here to work, eat, play, travel, or rest, Orchard Road is surely that place to go. Now you can truly work hard and play hard in Singapore, knowing Orchard Road is only a few blocks away from you.

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