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Steve Levy
Recruiter, Career Advisor, Technology and Social Media
Recruiter, Career Advisor, Technology and Social Media

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My friend Jeff Newman says that if you're going to recruit, go rogue...

...and I wholeheartedly agree!

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Okay all you "LinkedIn Experts" - explain how and why they can't clean up this stuff and continue to crow about all their registered members:

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Faking it on LinkedIn 

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Spamming the LinkedIn Way (some here might be able to relate)

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Dear (Fake) LinkedIn

(Sent to LinkedIn this morning)

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What Makes You A Great Recruiter?

As +Brenden Wright wrote in his comment, "There's no BS in Recruiting" - when in fact there's quite a bit of BS in Recruiting.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on +Recruiting Blogs or here. ~Steve

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One Person, One Teacher. Not technology.

Seems as if there's a run on milk, eggs, bread which means one thing: When the snowstorm comes, people will sit at home & make French Toast

Listen and read: Drum Majors, Disruptors, and Purpose

on #RecruitingInferno #DrumMajorInstinct #MLK
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