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includeOS + Acorn + Docker + Unik may be the stack of the future

includeOS = unikernel for your app. your app IS the os. provides minimalist bootloader and compiled drivers linked or static. you write the app (e.g., cloud web server) using modern c++11
means no ubuntu, no alpine linux. runs on bare-metal, in a vm, or in a docker container.
means if a hacker compromises the app (e.g., buffer overflow, remote code execution) they have no shell, no tools, no sources--and to reverse your application they'd have to disassemble the machine code. forces post-exploit toolsets to take a bring-your-own-binary approach; they'd have to know the cpu architecture and drivers (not hard in aws cloud environment where its all inside standard vm and x86_64 processor), but they'd also need a firm knowledge of assembly (not your average script kiddie) .
takes "least bit" security principle to its furthest extreme.

acorn = node.js + express.js web server api implemented in c++11. proves that with the latest changes to the c++ language, it can feel just as productive as an interpreted scripting language, but also be several times more performant.
the video shows some demo source code for a sample RESTful web service. complete with web-based analytics endpoint (resembling datadog or newrelic), stack traces, and presumably some profiling.

unik = build system that can compile your application as a unikernel (no os) for several targets including docker, with some kubernetes integration. provides wrapper so even node.js, go, java, python applications can be compiled as unikernels. 
CppCon 2016: Alfred Bratterud “#Include os: from bootloader to REST API with the new C++"


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Mining Firm Aiming For Platinum-Loaded Asteroid :- A rock speeding past Earth tonight is being eyed for the vast wealth of minerals it could yield to intrepid miners.

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Take it down
The Onion, as usual, on point.

Lotta "heritage" behind the swastika, but you don't see Germans waving them around.

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"It was a great outcome," SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk told reporters in a post-launch teleconference. "The important thing is that if there had been people on board, they would have been in great shape." 

The Dragon was expected to reach an altitude of nearly 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) under the power of its eight SuperDraco launch abort engines, which are built directly into the side of the capsule. "What SpaceX is doing is certainly unique," said Jon Cowart, NASA's commercial crew program manager, of the company's decision to mount its SuperDraco engines on the sides of Dragon. "It's definitely revolutionary in that regard."

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The future is here!!!
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