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If you walk in the crowd you won't leave any trace.
Let me tell you the worst
thing you can possibly say to me about my tattoos. I have this one tattoo.
Black across my lillywhite gypsy skin. Down my forearm, that reads
“this is not for you”. If you're interested, it's the opening
lines of the first book I w...

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Prologue (Miranda) Life
never tells ya the last time you'll see someone walking out the door. If
it did. If I’d known that loosing Breaden was as simple as that
final stupid smile he gave me as we kissed in the hallway, I would
have been way more attentive....

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You're my favourite waste of time.
She is exhausted. She should not have
gone to work today yet, she knows they think she's not trying hard
enough so she forced herself there into their frosty arms. It was not
enough; she cannot work quick enough with her failing body dropping
out on her and...

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MirMento Mania
MirMento Mori is taking shape. The world is against me, my keyboard and it's replacement fell victim to some terrible accidents but the story is still in here, these women, the fake ones that I've made my family are screaming to get out no matter how hard i...

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Smiling At Strangers On Trains
To quote Strindberg and Helium (which is quite wonderful if you haven't seen it, and where Amanda Palmer stole the intro for Strength Through Music from), a peculiar thing happened to me this morning yesterday evening, and if you will indulge me a thousand ...

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WORDSLINGER (more Mirmento Mori)
My basic plan with this new novel is to have a series of interconnecting stories, told from inside their heads via Miranda who's sort of...falling through this hallucination whilst she undergoes her electro-convulsive therapy. I've been thinking I'm going t...

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The thing I realise is
that I don't love carefully. I don't love gently. I never did do half
measures. There, with (N) back in my hand, I realise that I love
gigantically. With the fire in my belly and the whistle down the
wind, that I love with the whole o...

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Mirmento Mori (sic)
...because I am indecisive I have changed the name of the work in progress from Mer, Made to Mirmento Mori and I'm not sorry. I am so excited to write this work in progress. I feel like I owe it to the entire generation of silenced women in my bloodline, bo...

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As much of a blog as I'll ever write....
I am not having the best week. Maybe it's the blood in my veins
that've turned to wine, or the fact my occasional urge to fucking
chain smoke has become near a full fledged addiction, or the fact I
stayed up to watch the sunrise from the wrong side like I l...

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Mir, Made.
I am forever inspired by the story my father told me of the women in my blood-line. Every single one of them has had ECT. On both sides. It makes me wonder about the brutality of mental health treatment of the years before me, that these women who's blood i...
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