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Rebecca Jackson
lover of God, life, and people
lover of God, life, and people

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and so it began...
Six years have passed since our first date. (SIX!) The past six years of my life have been full of joy, love, and surprises. And I'm thankful that since 2 October 2009 I've been spending each year with this cutie-pie with the baby face: Our first "couple" p...

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happy first Scottiversary to us!
Today marks one year that we've lived in Scotland. Woah. This time last year, we were arriving to Edinburgh, 4 suitcases + 4 carryons  + 2 deer-in-the-headlights looks alighting the train at Edinburgh Waverley, [unsuccessfully] trying to roll our bags acros...

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p a e l l a >> the simple way
A few months ago my friend Hayley convinced me to try HelloFresh . Have you heard of them? Basically, it's this super-convenient service that delivers all the ingredients you'd need for 3 meals, in perfect portions, with recipe cards included. I don't think...

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P a r i s i n g [on a budget]
I am fond of taking nouns and making them into verbs. As a language teacher who holds to the theory that the speaker is in charge of their language and its rules, I like to test "language creation" on a regular basis. Some of my most recent favorites includ...

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oh, by the way, we moved to Scotland!
Yes, it's true. Daniel and I relocated to Edinburgh [ed-in-bur-uh] , Scotland on 4 September 2014. If you're reading my blog (anybody?) you probably already know this. Because I post (as both the French AND South-Louisianians say) "beaucoup" pictures.  We r...

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Let's do Lent together! :)
For those of you who are new to the idea of "lent," it is the time before Easter, starting on Ash Wednesday, to spiritually prepare yourself for the death and resurrection of Jesus. According to Wikipedia, the most trusted source for information, " The trad...

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2014… you're gonna be a good one
I am not typically the one to follow the new year's resolution "trend." I honestly can't really think of any  year that I've ever made a real resolution. But as I was looking at my ONE (just one) blog post for the whole year of 2013 , I thought maybe it was...
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