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Eric Crampton
Economist. Head of Research with The New Zealand Initiative in Wellington. Adjunct Senior Fellow, University of Canterbury
Economist. Head of Research with The New Zealand Initiative in Wellington. Adjunct Senior Fellow, University of Canterbury

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Diversification as insurance: bolthole edition
Idealog asked me last week whether it made sense for billionaires to see New Zealand as a bolt-hole against apocalypse. I had a lot of fun taking a punt at an answer . New Zealand would do better than other places in some doomsday scenarios, but hardly in a...

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The costs of golf
Auckland Council owned thirteen golf courses as of last year. The NBR talks with Julie Anne Genter and Jacinda Ardern, the two candidates for the Mount Albert by-election, about whether Council should turn the Mount Albert golf course into housing . I don't...

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Picking zones and picking winners
The push for more localist approaches to policy problems in New Zealand continues to gather steam. Earlier this month, the McGuinness Institute argued for what they're calling Demarcation Zones for policy trials. Their formulation differs a bit from what we...

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PredictIt runs a pile of markets on the American Presidency, among other things. Here are some good ones for America-watchers: Trump to be President at year-end 2017 (currently 76%) Trump to be President at year-end 2018 (currently 66%) Will Trump be impeac...

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More sweet silliness
A new paper suggests strong public health benefits from junk food taxes in Australia . Blogging has been light as I've too much on deck in the day-job currently, but since a few people have emailed me asking about this one, I might as well put here what I'v...

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Dumb corporate welfare
Citizenship for Peter Thiel made a lot of sense. I laid out the case over at the Spinoff.  Corporate welfare is different. Matt Nippert asked me last week for comment on the government's venture capital fund , which wound up partnering with Thiel in some of...

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We can detain them for you, wholesale.
Recent adventures in America remind me of Neil Gaiman's excellent "We can get them for you, wholesale." I'm going to give a big spoiler here. Go away and read the whole thing, then come back. Or read the spoiler and then go away and read the whole thing any...

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Doing the right thing, and doing well as consequence.
My piece in Monday's Dom Post: In the immediate term, there are uncounted thousands of legal American residents who are not able to return home if they are currently outside America, or who risk not being able to return if they leave America. They passed th...

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Difficult scenarios
Suppose that you were a Republican Congressman who were faithful to the Constitution and believed that President Trump should be impeached for violation of the emoluments clause, for ordering executive agencies to ignore judicial orders, for the travel ban ...

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If the UK is set to kick out a pile of highly skilled academics working there on EU passports, maybe New Zealand should look to the Brexitunity.  I don't know how many of them would move to New Zealand, and I don't know which Departments have holes that nee...
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