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Eric Crampton
Economist. Head of Research with The New Zealand Initiative in Wellington. Adjunct Senior Fellow, University of Canterbury
Economist. Head of Research with The New Zealand Initiative in Wellington. Adjunct Senior Fellow, University of Canterbury

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Get on with it: housing edition
Superu says that land use restrictions contribute to 56% of the cost of a house in Auckland. They don't provide their background workings, so I can't verify the numbers. But if they're close to right, this is a pretty strong indictment of the last decade of...

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A young adult UBI?
Gareth Morgan's party proposes $3.4b to go to everyone aged 18-23 as $10k after tax transfer – a limited UBI. I had a short chat with The Project about it yesterday; the logistics didn't work out for a longer chat as I was out to Christchurch to help launch...

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Water Markets - back to the Staff Club
I'll be back in Christchurch late this afternoon to help launch an excellent book by John Raffensperger and Mark Milne on smart markets for water. I'm a big fan of their work, and the book is excellent. It even has a foreword by one of the godfathers of sma...

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Green investment
I'm having a hard time seeing the point of the Greens' proposed new government-backed green-tech investment fund . Here's their description: In our first term of Government, the Green Party will: Establish a government-owned, independent, for profit Green I...

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Peter Ellis's NZ election simulations show a 58% chance that any coalition would require New Zealand First in it.  So 58% chance that Winston is in either coalition, and an additional 6% chance that Winston makes the tie that puts a Winston-Labour coalition...

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Counting calories
Alcoholic beverages in New Zealand don't require nutritional labeling. It's an anomaly relative to other food and drink, but does it make sense to add labeling requirements to alcohol just to have consistency across products? I'd missed NZIER's assessment w...

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Weka woo
Excellent feature on Roger Beattie over at Stuff . Looks like DoC's investigating him for his excellent Weka Woo hats ( buy them here !) Beattie has been described as an eco-anarchist with a knack for turning obscure ideas into successful businesses. He far...

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From free range kids to rocket launches
I love Bloomberg's profile of Rocket Lab's Peter Beck.  In 1999, at 18, Beck did something most people would consider very stupid. After checking out books from the library to learn how to make his own fuel, he set up a laboratory in a backyard shed and set...

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Low low prices
TV prices are so low that StatsNZ has to rebase the CPI . They normalise things in the base year to have an index figure of 1000.
So the price of TVs and of cell phones in 2006 was 1000. Cell phones have dropped to 66; TVs have dropped to 60. Why? Quality ...

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Evidence based party?
Gareth Morgan's TOP party wants to hike the alcohol purchase age to 20. The purchasing age was lowered to 18 from 20 in 1999. "It was lowered in 1999 to appease the alcohol lobby, and we were promised at the time that if evidence showed harm went up after t...
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