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I have a ZTE Mobley hotspot. Can someone explain why my speeds are fine when connecting to my phone, but crawling when it's connected to my Chromebook? Lots of "resolving host" stuff for 5-10 seconds, then loads pages pretty quick. On the phone, it doesn't do that. I have Stream Saver turned off.

Anyone use the Pixel or XL on Freedompop. Good? bad? indifferent?

Just switched my Acer R13 to the Stable channel. Yay! Android apps!

On the ACER R13, anyone have problems with scrolling in Android apps? Like reading an email in the Gmail android app, the trackpad won't scroll etc.

Best way to clean dirt stains on the white mesh Pixel XL earpiece?

What do you all think of the Acer R13 Chromebook? It'll be my upgrade from the Asus Flip C100PA. Worth it? Screen not as bright? I've watched Youtube reviews, but they all put a little too much flamboyancy on it lol. We all know a Chromebook is keepin' it simple.

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How do you prevent contacts like from a second Google acct getting pulled into other apps. Like SMS etc. Sync on that Gmail account is turned off too! But they're still there. I just want to see contacts from my main acct inside the apps I download.

Still looking for a solution for my Asus Flip Chromebook (original model). When the battery gets down to 50% 'ish, it suddenly becomes prone to shutting off. Mostly occurring when I'm running android app, but has shutdown also watching a basic YouTube video on Chrome. Googling the problem, I see people in reddit having the same issue. The only recommended solution is doing a hardware reset and/or factory reset. I've done both in different sequence, and still hasn't fixed the problem. Starting to think I may need to ditch this one and just buy an Acer R13 or newer version of the Asus Flip. Runs just fine except for only being able to use half my battery power before things get vulnerable. Any thoughts? Ditch it or Fix it?
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