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Does the Asus Chromebook Flip 2 have a track pad where you can tap instead of click? Clicking noise on the first gen is distracting with other people in the room.

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Somehow activated a setting to put a black stroke around text. Not sure how I did it, or where the setting is?
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Never tried a bluetooth gaming controller yet. Will an NES bluetooth controller work with any Android NES emulator?

Project Fi Tip: Maybe this an obvious thing, but wasn't for me.

One Fi support told me that Visa Gift Cards were accepted as payment. Then another didn't. Then a third confirmed that they aren't accepted. Then my last bill was charged to my Visa Gift Card lol.

Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. It would just be easy to use them as cash to pay for your service anyway right?

Visa Gift Card workaround. Use Venmo to have someone pay you with the card (or create two Venmo accounts). Then just transfer the Venmo balance to your bank. Only extra info needed is the card zipcode. Find that by just checking or registering from the site on the back of the gift card.

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Adding a spot in OpenStreetMap. How long does it take for that spot to appear in the Maps.Me app for example since it pulls OSM data?

Is there a way to send ETA to friends from Google Maps yet? I know it was mentioned as upcoming awhile ago, and Waze already has it.

Isn't there a way to add Visa Gift Cards to Android Pay? Adding via debit doesn't work. Adding via Gift Card doesn't show up anything related in search.

Google maps or Here WeGo for GPS navigation?

Best offline GPS + Traffic app for us Fi data conscious folks? OR best app to use for a 900+ mile trip :)

Anyone have tips on finding the sweet spot so things aren't blurry? My eyesight isn't bad. I feel like my eyes aren't genetically compatible LOL
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