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Henk Krauss
Known and feared as Geheimdienst on Freenode. Has Hello Kitty Stickers on his Thinkpad; hence, not to be messed with
Known and feared as Geheimdienst on Freenode. Has Hello Kitty Stickers on his Thinkpad; hence, not to be messed with

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No, I don't understand this Gruber guy either.

In related news, the Soviet Union criticizes the West because in one country, the ruling party of the day rigged one election (before the result being nullified under media pressure). Yohnov Grubychek, a long-time Soviet fanboyik, blogs that this is more proof the West is open and the Soviet single-party system is too controlling.

Followup article: "Kindle Fire no longer blocks Android market"
Daring Fireball writes, "Any request for Google’s Android Market — even in the web browser — is redirected to the Amazon Appstore on the Kindle Fire. More proof that Android is open and Apple is too controlling."

Nice phrasing: "Circumstances then began to build fairly rapidly." (I.e. fit hit the shan.)

mtl consists of a lot of modules which are all empty. They import each other back and forth, forming a beautiful fractal. Amazingly, the package provides actual functions with actual implementations, despite the functions being impossible to find in the source code. An emergent consciousness? I think so.

Grrr, those !&*+/^=% infix operators.

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A very good illustration of HTTP status code 417. More in the Flickr album.

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From the department of dude's got style

"He bought a large safe, moved it into a small room of the house, narrowed the size of the room's door, refused to pay for the safe, and invited the owner to repossess it but warned him not to mar the house."

A funny story in very good writing.

ln -s /bin/cat /bin/kitty

Very nicely put, +Dave Fayram:

I am sort of unhappy to be back on my mac after the new lenovo stopped booting. The font rendering and my photography tools are fantastic on the Mac, but I really really miss the no-holds-barred productivity power of the Xmonad configuration I was building. It was not pretty or ugly, it was just my app windows being accurately and deftly managed without ceremony.

I'm not afraid to start saying I want to go back to the linux world. It is uglier, sometimes things are inconvenient, and I know design guys sprain their eyes rolling them at me... but what I want is a thing that lets me compute and not experience some kind of continuous polite fiction. I am surely not asking for what the vast majority of computer users is asking for, and I'm okay with that.

Ceremony is what sells machines. (Looking at you, Apple.) But a few people find ceremony to be in the way, and we have reasons for that. So we use a tiling window manager.

I feel Linux lets me put the wood on the workbench and saw it. The other two OSes have a well-meaning but sluggish woodworker who tries to follow my descriptions, while I can't touch the material.

In the way typical for less, you scroll a manpage with J, K, space, and so on. Conflictingly, you scroll in your terminal emulator with the mouse wheel, S-PgUp, and the like.

I'd like a pager and terminal that don't do the same thing in two disharmonic ways. Though I'm not sure what exactly could be a solution.

From our disclaimer department

The opinions expressed in this place are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of my wife, the cat Snugglybuddly, Emperor Palpatine, or the Swedish Bikini Team.
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