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I was Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and then I lost over 100 lbs and reclaimed my Life
I was Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and then I lost over 100 lbs and reclaimed my Life


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Thank you so much Christina Montana and the rest of the Starbucks Hora Del Cafe OC
Community for having me as your guest last July 25. The Starbucks community welcomed me and my team with open arms and we are honoured and grateful!

This is the official video of my speech at their event and you all get to see the first of many appearances I will be making. I'm on a mission and I'm here to inspire, motivate, and give hope to everyone. Health is wealth and success is a mindset! Believe in you and that you are enough!

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Last call! Time for the Lionsgate portal Activation with +RADHAA NILIA of Goddess Code Academy.
Last call for Quan Yin Goddess Code Activations six week program!
We start on start on the Lionsgate 8.8.8 and we are going to work through everything that is coming up during the Retrograde, Eclipse energy, using it for powerful transformation. We already have stellar group of participants, and there is room for a few more.
So if you feel the call & would like more clarity, I have opened a few 15 minute spots on my calendar tomorrow just for you! Just click on the link below, let's get you booked!
Much Love, Radhaa Nilia

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Yes, thank you Universe! Summer sales of my book is heating up thanks to Google Play!
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Get my book for free on Google Play!

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Yes, thank you Universe! My book is now in five top 100 Bestselling lists in Amazon. Thank you to all the supporters and believers!
Healing is a choice!
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Early Bird for Quan Yin Goddess Code Activation Certification happening ✨NOW✨ at 💫Journey with Goddess Quan Yin 💫Receive three Powerful Activations 💫 Live Coaching & Healing 💫 Private Facebook group with sacred sisters 💫Learn how to Heal with Quan Yin 💫 Release old trauma stored in heart, mind, body 💫 Get Downloaded with high frequency energy to raise your vibration 💫 Get a beautiful Certificate of Completion from Goddess Code Academy 💫 Heal deep lineage wounds 💫 Master this Code and unique Energy to use in your Art, Healing, Creativity, Relationships, Work, Life 💫Feel more Peace within yourself no matter what's going on in your life or world 💫Feel more balanced, grounded and secure 💫Understand the Quan Yin Archetype in yourself and others 💫Empower the Goddess within You
💫Learn to Anchor these Light Codes in your Body 💫 partner with Mother Gaia by Anchoring this energy into the new earth grid 💫Become a Master of this Sacred Energy that is ready to be awakened 💫 Be Certified in this Goddess Code Modality 💫Co-Create the world you want to live in 💫 Awaken and Activate your DNA with the Goddess Code Activations 💫 Experience love and support as you walk through this sacred initiation
💫Receive 50% off one to one VIP sessions
💫Celebrate together in a Graduation party 🎉
You are READY for this! Sign up while early bird special is up 🌷 See you soon!
Quan Yin Code is something I've been working with for over a decade with my clients. I've been asked to bring it through now and here it is! I'm walking beside you as we go deep into the Goddess Code Activations that will forever change your life 🙌🏼 #QuanYin #goddesscodeactivation #Healing #HealingGoddess #GoddessHealing #GoddessCode #GoddessActivations #HealingGoddessCode #Activations #Healer #Shaman #teachersofinstagram #divinefeminine

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It was an honor and a pleasure to be interviewed by a great friend and one of a kind healer and teacher. +Radhaa Nilia you are the Real Deal and it was one amazing healing transformation that resulted in this book. I AM Enough- Healing A Broken Body is a story about Holistic healing in mind, body, and soul. Check out the interview on Goddess Code Academy's SoundCloud through the link below. #realtalkradha #realtalk #authentic #healing #transformation #newbook #amazon #kindle #inspiration #energyhealing #spiritualhealing #truth #friends #love #reversediabetes #success #writersofinstagram #ebook #happiness #unconditionallove #peace #heart

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A Strong person is not someone who was able to forget and delete everything from oneself, but the one who remembers everything and lives peacefully with it by choosing happiness and healthy relationships every day!

"You ask me to share my feelings. You ask me to be vulnerable. I did and you shamed and ridiculed me. You can't handle the truth. You don't deserve me."

From Volume II of I AM Enough- Into The Shadows
Healing A Broken Body
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