Something that I've noticed that's confusing to Fate newbies (including myself) seems to be the apparent dichotomy between the mantra that 'Aspects are always true' and the fact that there's no mechanical effect unless you Invoke them. This comes up in thread after thread,I've noticed, though the confusion is frequently couched in 'How do I...'-type posts.

I understand the arguments about focus of the action, and all that, but especially when folks coming from more simulationist games, a lot of that still feels odd or wrong, or lacks verisimilitude. If I've narrated myself behind cover, why doesn't that make me harder to hit automatically? Etc.

One thing that could help if it's not to unbalancing is to turn around the Difficulty rubric. I've seen several folks describe setting difficulty based on 'each thing I can think of that makes it harder adds +1 to the Difficulty'. If each 'thing' translates into Aspects, and you conversely lower difficulties in a like manner (if there are Aspects that describe things as being easier), then it might work out. Still doesn't quite affect my combat example from above, but it's not a full formed idea yet.

Hope +Jay Crossler , +Ben Miller , +Mike Shea and +Alex Black have thoughts as well.

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