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Retail Drug Store in Old Bridge, Howell, and East Windsor New Jersey
Retail Drug Store in Old Bridge, Howell, and East Windsor New Jersey

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3 Reasons to Take Vitamin C Everyday

Some people, whether prescribed by their doctor or not, just like to take vitamins every single day. Vitamins have undeniable benefits to our body and can even cure or prevent so many life-threatening illnesses. It is both for the young and the young at heart, don’t you agree? Well, for now, we’ll talk about three reasons why taking in Vitamin C everyday is important.

1 - It supplements lack

The truth is that our body cannot produce enough Vitamin C that is why doctors would often prescribe this to patients who need enough of it for their system. Today, you can find a lot of vitamin C supplements being sold in the market. If you want to learn more about its benefits, you can connect to our pharmacists at

2 - It boosts the immune system

What better way to boost the immune system than taking in Vitamin C every day? Our immune system is designed to help the body fight against harmful or unknown bacteria or viruses that entered into our bloodstream. Although much of the responsibility falls on our lifestyle, having a daily dose of vitamin C can improve our immune system’s strength and capability.

3 - It maintains the integrity of the skin

As we grow older, all the more we need vitamin C because having enough of it can keep the elasticity of our skin. In other words, it helps us look younger and fresher even if we are not getting any younger each day.

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Talk to our Pharmacist. Providing you with sound advice in maintaining your medication plan.

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Pharmacy Free Delivery in Howell, New Jersey

We deliver! If you would like to receive your orders at your doorstep, please fill out the form on this page. We will contact you as soon as possible with a confirmation.

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3 Benefits of Auto Refills

It seems like some people, who have been taking long-term maintenance medications, are choosing auto-refill services over others. This type of service is being offered by some pharmacies out there. Why is this so? Here are three benefits of auto refills that you should know:

1 - You will always have a supply of medication for your health needs

The good thing about auto refills is that you will no longer have to worry about missing a dose or having insufficient supply of the maintenance medications you need to take regularly because this service will automatically refill your pills in no time. It gives you a sense of peace knowing that this responsibility is no longer yours to take and that there is a pharmacy out there whom you can trust to provide you with every single pill you need.

2 - It lets you take control of your meds

You should know that with auto refills, you can choose which among the medications you need to take regularly should be automatically refilled. As a matter of fact, you can also choose your preferred mode of payment and shipping address.

3 - It is convenient
One of the reasons why auto refills have gone famous these days is because it is convenient to a lot of people especially the busy bees. Imagine getting a delivery service for all your meds plus you can choose the date when you want your pills to be automatically refilled. You can also cancel it anytime you want. The best part of this is that everything can be done online. How convenient is that?

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Tip of the day:

If you go out and buy medicines, make sure that you check the label of the drug first to be sure that you are buying the right medication. You can read the “drug facts” of the medicine because it is where you can find the important details you need to know such as the indication, contraindication, adverse effects, timing, and dosage of the drug.

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3 Benefits of Medicinal Teas

Was there a time in your life when you thought of drinking medicinal tea? It seems like it has been the talked of the town lately. Medicinal tea has a long history. We’ve heard it all before from different people and up until now, it continues to ring a bell in our ears. Perhaps we should focus on what its benefits are before we try drinking it. Check the following:

1 - It contains antioxidant

If you want to remove the toxins out of your body, you can drink medicinal tea because it has antioxidant properties. It is important for toxins to be removed so that you can be free from health problems.

2 - It helps you lose weight

There are some medicinal teas that can improve your digestion and increase your metabolism. As a result, you will experience weight loss and better body shape. It is good for those people out there who want to stay in shape.

3 - It can boost the immune system

Drinking medicinal tea will make you stronger and healthier as your body becomes better at fighting against harmful bacteria and viruses. In fact, medicinal tea is recommended by some health care professionals to use as a defense against cancer.

Before you drink any medicinal tea, it is best if you talk to your doctor first to know what medicinal tea is suitable for your health condition.

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