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Dank Standheizung bald komplett wintertauglich:
Der DIT Bus vom +Kamerawerk GmbH.

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+Kamerawerk GmbH 's new mobile DIT and Edit Station :D Featuring:

- 2 OSX and 1 Windows/Linux Workstation
- 24TB of Storage 
- 10GbT Connection

all of this is shockmounted of course :)

- 4G Uplink with a big antenna on the roof
- a boardcomputer for uploads
- Fridge and coffemachine :P

and so much more.. updates will follow.. especially better pictures ;)

After 3 Weeks of shooting i have to say: AWESOME!! Thanks a lot to everyone involved!!
Kamerawerk DIT and EDIT Bus
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Standing on the shoulders of giants :)

Thanks to the awesome +Kivy developers (and so many more of course) we were able to quickly draft a dailies viewer app which syncs to our web service and runs on 4 of our iPads. This is what our cameraman and the director uses to review the shots and what is used as a tool for assuring continuity.

In case you can't read my bad handwriting on the slate :P It is supposed to read:

"thank you kivy devs" !!
thank you kivy devs :)
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ButtleOFX is an interesting  project to watch. OFX plugins support in free software used to be only available in Ramen, and that project is still on hold.

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NEW PRODUCT – UBEC DC/DC Step-Down (Buck) Converter – 5V @ 3A output

Your power supply problems just got SOLVED! This little circuit board may look tiny but inside is a high efficiency DC/DC step-down converter which can output up to 3 Amp at 5V without the need of any heat-sink or forced cooling. (It does get a bit toasty at 3A though) UBEC stands for “universal battery eliminator circuit” and this UBEC is designed to replace a 5V supply in RC planes and ‘copters but its also great for any kind of microcontroller or electronics project that runs off of 5V. We tried a half dozen different ‘BECs and found this one to be the best in terms of range and stability. You can check the technical tab for the analysis of input/output range and current draw.

To use, connect 6V-23V to the shorter, thicker wires and 5V will be generated on the thinner, longer wires. You’ll get 5V (+-5%) regulated output from 6 – 23VDC input. 3A output current, 5A peak – if you’re trying to draw 3A you’ll need to give it a little more than 6V though, 7V works well. The UBEC has built in filter capacitors on the input and output, but its a switching supply so its a little noisy compared to a linear regulator.

We pulled the heatshrink off of one and found an MP2307 you can check the datasheet for conversion efficiency and other specifications.


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