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A Blue Chintz 18thC Gown
I didn't actually plan to make this dress. I knew I needed a new 18thC dress for an upcoming dress talk at a local library, and I had a few things up on the drawing board, and one by one, those things started to prove more involved than I anticipated. I was...

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The Chocolate Truffle Bustle Dress
My first finished costume of the year! I'm so happy with how this dress turned out. I had found the fashion plate last fall, and it immediately jumped out at me - the layered overskirt with the graduated leaves, the colors, and, of course, that absolutely s...

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2016 in Review
This definitely was not the intensely sewing-productive year that I anticipated . I thought that my schoolwork would be lighter (hah!), but instead, I ended up practically living in the lab on campus, working on projects for 8 hours a day during the spring ...

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A Champagne Taffeta Mantelet
I'm afraid I was a lousy blogger, and I didn't take any pics of the making-of for this one. That's mainly because making this mantelet was a totally last minute decision before the Georgian Picnic this year. Our weather had been in the mid-70s during the da...

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A Black & Plaid 1890s Winter Dress
This originally started as a totally different project. I really wanted to wear 1890s to the Pumpkins & Plaid picnic (which I never actually made it to), and I had planned to wear my gold skirt with a new shirtwaist and jacket. I had pulled a fabulous gold ...

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A Ruffled 1890s Cotton Petticoat
It's funny how laziness can actually spur me on to do even more work than originally anticipated. I could have just dug through my costume closet to find my taffeta 1890s petticoat, but that would have required moving a lot of large, heavy boxes full of boo...

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The Great Pumpkin, Part 1 - The Petticoat
I'm finally back at it again! It feels like forever since I've been able to work on anything, and I'm diving right back in, and finally getting to work on The Great Pumpkin. If you don't remember the dress, let me refresh your memory of this glorious creatu...

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Finished Embroidery and The Burgundy Suit Continues
If you follow my Facebook or Tumblr , then you know that THE EMBROIDERY IS FINISHED! I took all of Monday to work on the fill pattern on the left side, but now it's all wrapped up and I can pack up my embroidery threads. This project felt like it took forev...

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The Embroidery Continues!
I can see the finish line! Last night I managed to complete the fill pattern on one half of the waistcoat, and if I can finish the other side tonight, and the remains of the second pocket flap, I'll be done! Because the fill pattern needed to be in a grid a...

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Back to Embroidery
I've had a bit of down time since the semester ended, so it seemed like the perfect time to really get back to the embroidery for M's 18thC court suit. I had been working hard to finish it for the Francaise Dinner, and then we didn't end up getting to go. T...
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