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I swear #boycottapple is the new occupy wall street

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30 days? Really???

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Donna Summers has died? What the hell?!

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The Galazy S III probably wont come out until Fall, but you gotta love it!

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6 Content Marketing Tips For Google+
+Google+ cheat sheet
1. Grab Readers’ Attention With Formatting
>> Use Text Formatting wisely: *Bold* , _Italics_ , -strikethough-
>> make the title of the post bold
>> Higlight important lines and words with Bold letters.
2. Incorporate +Mentions & Hashtags
>> +mention relevant people and pages to increase interaction and generate a healty discussion on your posts.
>> +mention following pages to get more reshares: +Reshare +Reshared Creativity +Sharing is Caring on G+ etc.
>> Respond to every +mention
>> Google+ Tip to manage notifications:
>> You can increase your post visibility by using hashtags.
>> #Don’t #overload #your #content #with #hashtags
>> Use hashtags at the end of the post.

3. Visuals Work
>> Add relevant images to increase visibility
>> Add viral images to get extra reshares.

4. Break Out The Archives
>> Post relevant content
>> Reshare your successful posts.

5. Break Out The Archives
>> The most awesome thing about Google+ is the ability to share targeted content with segmented Circles you create.
>> Create an interest base circle.
>> Notify relevant circle about important updates with their permission(don’t overdo it)
● Segment your circles:
● Local Businesses
● Industry Thought Leaders
● Blog Commenters
● Future Client Wishlist

6. Start a Real-Time Think-Tank
>> Post interesting and engaging content

Read More here:
Image by +Simon Laustsen
O #googleplustips #gplustips #brandmanagement O

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I want this to replace my EVO, but I wonder what the batter life is like.

Also, this Sr. Editor should be demoted for saying, "4.0 Gingerbread"

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Lets go folks! Register to voite!
Take a few minutes to watch this powerful case for why President Obama deserves a second term—then help get it out there by sharing it with your friends.

TGIF! It's been one hell of a week!

Happy Saturday all!
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