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Summer Storm
"I look good in black; it matches my mood." ~Maleficent
"I look good in black; it matches my mood." ~Maleficent

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i may be completely weaned off facebook, except for one app i've been playing since it started 4 years ago...  and the fact that most of my friends aren't here.  :-(

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My friend Dan was diagnosed with brain cancer late 2010 after he started having seizures.  Exploratory surgery found it to be cancer and they removed a large portion in February 2011.  He had radiation therapy and chemo for almost 6 months.  MRIs showed that there was no new growth.  He went in periodically for check-ups.  Then in November 2011 he started having problems again with his left side.  A new MRI showed growth, so they started IV chemo.  He finished that in July 2012.  Just a few days later when they did the post-chemo MRI they found out the tumor had actually grown during treatment.  Dan is going home on August 1st for hospice.  Unfortunately, their insurance does not cover a home care aide, home care items such as a wheelchair, electric bed, bathroom aides, etc.  This fund is to help Dan's wife with those costs.  We also hope we have some extra to get him to a Cardinals game, as it's his favorite team and he will likely pass before next season.  (Even when they were stinking, Dan was always cheering them on, no matter what!)

We are so very close to our first goal of $1500.  :-)  It's amazing what our local community has done, but now we need to reach beyond the Pagan community of St. Louis and let as many people as we can hear this story.  All those $5 and $10 donations really add up, we have already seen it happen in these first days.  I know money is tight for most of us right now.  I know not everyone can give.  I ask that you please pass the links along your social networks.  Please.  This couple has done so much for the St. Louis Pagan community and have always been very giving.  It's our turn to give back.  Dan's wife deserves to not have to worry about what she can buy and what she can't when it comes to home health care.  Their insurance only covers a hospice nurse 3x/week and absolutely nothing for home care aides.  Please share.  Thank you.

Thank you!

Link to the fundraising page:

Link to the facebook page:

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for anyone who just joined or who, like me, hasn't configured their shit yet, this is a pretty good guide
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