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Your Realtor For Life!
Your Realtor For Life!

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So sorry, somehow this post didn't get posted!
Time marches on and soon we realize it has been several
months since we’ve posted anything.  Life is good. Kevin remains stable
and it’s the holidays! Thanksgiving was spent with family and we had a great meal
with great company. Christmas is right around t...

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My how times flies...
This past week has been such a beautiful week...have I mentioned that I love Colorado? :) Kevin is starting to get his energy back now that he has been off chemo for a couple months.  Starting a new approach to healing, isn't exciting, as you can imagine......

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Hi friends,   Great news !! Kevin had his
routine MRI on Thursday, February 26. Happily, the result was that everything
looks stable, with possibly some shrinkage of remaining tumor. The
neuro-oncologist was very pleased and Kevin is relieved to put one mor...

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Meet Kevin
I am going to tell the story as I know it.  I met Kevin in April 2014 and almost from the day we met, we have been inseparable.  He is my heart and I can't imagine my life without him.  He is the man that I had only hoped to find someday to have in my life....

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Meeting the family!
What an
awesome getaway!  Kevin and I went over to Dads house to spend a few days
with him, his wife Kim and my sweet sweet Grama.  The weather was
beautiful and the food was overwhelming! :)  We got there
really late Friday night so got to visit for a litt...

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MRI update!!
Kevin had his routine MRI on
Friday and we are thrilled to share that everything looks stable. There is no
new progression of disease and the doctor even indicated there was some
shrinkage of the original residual tumor. This was in comparison to the

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Spring has sprung!
We are just having fun day to day.  While I keep busy selling
houses and working on my health coaching, Kevin keeps busy in his own way. He made a quick trip to Dallas
to visit friends and pick up some things from his employer and he spends a lot of time wi...

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Checking in
Sorry I haven’t written in a while, but in
this case no news is good news. We are moving steadily through each day. Kevin
is feeling well but the weather (wind and occasional snow) has prevented us from getting out and doing
some of our favorite activities....

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MRI week
Last week was a very stressful week . As one can probably imagine, leading up
to an MRI can be intense.  The unknown worry that lies beneath can really
weigh a person down...physically, mentally and emotionally.  We kept as busy as we could.  Monday he spen...

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Merry Christmas!!
We just wanted to pop in and say thank you for
following!  Nothing new is going on with us lately . We’ve just been really busy getting ready for the holidays. 
Shopping, baking, cleaning, all know how it is!      We decorated and thoroughly enjoy...
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