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Ashley Campbell

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Beginnings Disguised as Goodbyes
I'm leaving tonight. And tomorrow morning, I'll be in Texas. I've been preparing for boot camp for nigh on eight years. And I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be. I know there will be embarrassments and discomforts. Depression may strike briefly, homesicknes...

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Thoroughfare of Thoughts & Adiemus
Hey, all. Long time, no see.  I've been working 40 hour weeks, so I haven't had time nor inclination to post anything, let alone any outfits. But this outfit was something I bought at a thrift store a week ago. These harem pants and the long knit cardigan w...

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Visual Kei & Bliss
Here's a punk outfit. Not my style anymore, but I was selling the skirt and leg warmers and decided the outfit was okay for Schizo Chick.  When I was eleven until I was sixteen, I was super into
goth, Lolita, nana, visual kei, and kera. For those that don’t...

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Kerchief & Erasure
I've owned these jeans since I was 14.  I don't think these photos are all that flattering, but I like them anyway, since they're the real me. Me, with no lipstick or eyeshadow. I've come more and more and like the way I look, and taking pictures of myself ...

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Outcast &Double Feature
I was trapped in a room with this dog while trying to take my pics. It was very hard. Each time I wanted to take a photo, she wanted suddenly to jump on me. I didn't realize, and maybe it's just these pictures, but the red lipstick seems to make my lips loo...

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Wasilla Wild & Atlantis
Here’s a basic getup. A friend gave me the sweater, and I cropped it. I think it's funny how the picture makes me look like I’m really tall—I
think it’s the high-waisted pants that give that illusion. I’m the opposite of tall—I’m a 125lbs, give or take, and...

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Green & Summer In the City
I think I ought to get a website for my photography.  I seriously considered using my Instagram, but I don't want to get caught up. I think I'd become obsessed with it, with posting pictures and getting likes and following people. I already spend too much t...

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Infrared & Infinity
  I  wore this peter pan collared dress for that all-day photoshoot. The outfit was cute enough, so I thought it merited being on Schizo Chick.      Look at that pimptacular makeup.  Also, I found a cool grungy fashion blog called Check i...

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Strappy Bralette & Gebbie Street
This is one of the outfits I did for my all-day photoshoot. I wore this one the night prior, for the pictures. I was basically wearing a bra out in the (sort of) open, with a leather coat over it, so I was majorly nervous about running into anyone. I was af...

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Hitchhiker & Anna Molly
This is one of the creative pictures I’ve been taking. It
was the catalyst for the all-day photoshoot. I’d seen lots of pictures online, by looking up the word
‘hitchhiker.’ Most of them were lewd or lecherous or just weird. None were dark
and mysterious, b...
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