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New Web Site Up
Finally, I have the new site up. So if you go to you will start seeing new posts again. The main reason for the change is Google's requirement for sites to use HTTPS to remain highly ranked. Since there appears to be no easy way ...

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Site Updates
A couple of quick updates on the site. First, to make the site more responsive I have made it into a single column site. At the top of the page is a link blog featuring my favorite tech stories. The section is loaded using JavaScript so it may take a moment...

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Secure Coding with Java Native Interface (JNI) Tutorial
My coworker Anjana Shenoy has finished a new secure coding tutorial for the Java Native Interface. The content is based on this hand on lab from JavaOne 2014: Java Native Interface: Harden Your Native Code [HOL6325] . Lots of cool stuff to work on. Here are...

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Simple Command Line File Encryption with 7zip
This is a brief write up on how perform simple file encryption of a directory using the 7zip program. After TrueCrypt was abandoned by its developers , I have looked around a bit for a really simple, easy to use tool for lightweight ecryption. Simple and ea...

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Glassfish 4 Admin Passwords with NetBeans
Question: Where can I find the Admin Password for GlassFish 4? Most of the time when working with NetBeans and Glassfish for development, you don’t need to know what the password is for the GlassFish server. Starting and stopping the server as well as open ...

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GlassFish 4 Reports a JNDI Lookup Exception for a NetBeans Project
Here is a quick word around to a problem I ran into at work. Problem: Calling a Java Servlet with JNDI code results in this error Other Exception: Lookup failed for 'jdbc/yournamehere' in SerialContext[myEnv={java.naming.factory.initial=com.sun.enterprise.n...

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Website/Blog Update in the Works
Just a quick heads up. Google has mandated that all web sites must use SSL (HTTPS) or risk being down ranked sometime in the near future. I can find no evidence that Google has any interest in updating to support their own mandate. So I am in th...

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Jupiter Ascending Quick Review (4/5)
Jupiter Ascending is the story of Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a Russian immigrant who works for her mother in a family housekeeping business. Jupiter’s life seems pretty humdrum until one day some aliens show up and things start to get weird. The bulk of th...

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Good Git Resources
I have finally started to use git for all my development. Hopefully, I will create a nice cheat sheet when I am done. But for now, here are some good resources. Ry’s Git Tutorial Git Documentation The documentation is pretty good, but tends to include too m...

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Managing GMail with eMail Filters and Searches
Over the Xmas break it became time to finally get my e-mail cleaned up. To do that, I needed to add filters to my accounts using two main resources. GMail Advanced Search Options - This page documents all the things your can search your e-mail for. You can ...
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