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This may be a basic question - but in ArchGIS Online, I'm trying to update some of my point symbols.
If I want to update a custom symbol for a point, can I simply change the file I referenced originally on my server?
Or do I need to link to an entirely different image file?
I've tried to re-add the new image (at the same URL) and it doesn't appear to change. The only option appears to upload a new file to my server and point to it. Which leaves both versions in my Custom Image folder.

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So this may be an odd question for this group ... but I'm hoping there's a simple solution.

We've built a custom SharePoint solution for hosting 9 websites on one platform - is the main/root site but using 8 other domains, we're querying content and layouts to share information.

However, SharePoint still sees as the root site. So when we try to get an RSS feed from a list or library, all the links point back to instead of their respective sites (,, etc.).

We've been able to run Javascript locally to transform the RSS feeds but I've been told there's no way to re-write the RSS function or transform it so the feeds point to the correct sites when published elsewhere.

So for example - an RSS feed that's meant to pull news from always points to because it's the root domain. However, I need to transform the RSS so it points back to

Any ideas on how this can be accomplished with SharePoint or is there a tool that can transform the links and republish it for outside consumption - like Twitter, Facebook or other RSS readers?

We have a new idea for new user orientation - similar to welcome screens on a new app, we'd like to have a set welcome screen for new users to our SharePoint environment that gives tips and ideas for using our site.
Anyone done something similar or have ideas on best practices so it's ties to a user rather than a device?

We're needing a DAM (digital asset management) tool for our marketing department. Has anyone seen a good DAM implementation with SharePoint - without a lot of custom coding and/or third party connectors?

Is newsfeed dependent on mySites being active in SP2013? I'd like to add a newsfeed or social aspect to our team sites but since we've replaced mysite with Delve it seems we've lost that option.

Any ideas on how to create Skype for Business links similar to the skype: protocol for consumers? All the variations I've tried still launch Skype for consumers.
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LEGOs and trains. WOot! WOot!
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Mobile Notifications Are Broken. Here's How Google Plans To Fix Them
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