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Elizabeth Claret
Freelance Art Model in Washington State
Freelance Art Model in Washington State

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Dear Everyone on Google+: I do not want to see your dick, your vagina, or your tits. I have no problem with nudity, but that does not mean I want my inbox filled with your "self-portraits". Get a tumblr if you want to show that shit off. Keep it out of my inbox.

I will be traveling via car with Wara Model. Available for bookings
together or separately. Check her out at

September 5-8 San Francisco Bay area/Sacramento

September 9-12 Los Angeles area

September 12-15 Las Vegas area

September 16-18 Phoenix area

September 19-21 San Diego area

September 23-25 Driving back up I-5 to Washington,
available for bookings on the way

Let me know if you're interested in booking either of us!

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What are your links? Is this your only social site? Here's mine:

Model Mayhem:
Model Insider:
Stalk Me at:
Tumblr Stuff!

Happy Wednesday, minions! (No, we're not using circle jerks, though if you're a jerk, I will make you your own circle to isolate you). How is everyone today? Any exciting plans or shoots scheduled?

Welcome to all my new followers! I guess...I'm not sure what to refer to you as. Sharers?

Not posting as much as I should be! Too much school work, and teacher's aide work. Also no time for shooting. :( Next month, however, I have some shoots planned, everyone seems so happy to see the red hair back!

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