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Pippa World
It's nice and warm and just a little bit random!
It's nice and warm and just a little bit random!

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What Is Your Plan?
When we were watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, the one thing that stood out to me was that without friends and a flexible plan nothing is possible. Or in other words, with friends and a flexible plan anything is possible. So, I've been thinking ...

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Ready to move on
My parents moved house just before my seventh birthday, which means that I moved house just before my 7th birthday. I remember it quite clearly because I hated my parents with my all nearly 7 year old might for moving. I had good friends at my school, they ...

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I am a...
I watched a film a few weeks ago, it's a coming of age film called "That's What I am" and is the sort of film that I'll repeatedly watch quite happily, even though I know the plot now. The point was, that I took a lot from it and it made me think. What am I...

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What I wore on the School run
On Wednesday I was wearing this. Yeah, I've worn it to Church and think of it as a dressy outfit, but not too dressy right? Oh Thursday I was wearing this. Again, yeah I've worn it to Church and again it's not too dressy right? The problem was that on both ...

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Free Hot Dinners
I'm not against this idea. Honestly I'm not, but I have reservations about it. It's taken me this long to actually get round to posting about it because, I've needed to think it through, I needed to make sure that what I was saying wasn't a knee jerk reacti...

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Did you see all the issues I had with my #Gym ? Luckily it's all been resolved now, but for a minute I was worried!

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It's not just me who is getting fitter in our family. This is Flyfour's new bike! It's a lovely one isn't it?!
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