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The (Sometimes) Rewarding Profession of Teaching 

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Adjunct Lyfe: Floating Between Two Worlds, or Maybe Teaching Really Does Matter
Some days I can barely wrest myself from bed. If it's a morning class. If it's a large class. If I'm behind on grading. Sometimes I really hate teaching. My mood is perhaps the other influencer, but undoubtedly there are days when I dread standing up in fro...

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Smith's Crossing
Sometimes I wonder if this is how Elliott felt when he plunged the knife into his heart And lacerated every word he'd ever spoken, every B7 chord he'd ever strummed ringing out in broken unison. Then I realize I'm being melodramatic and I have no Chiba to w...

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Some Girl I Went Out With
Some girl I went out with told me about a free concert tomorrow
night, We got drunk and then got stuck in the rain, It wasn’t romantic. She told me her parents were hip And recommended restaurants to her, All I could think of was my mom telling me to eat at...

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Ode to Dave Ramsey (and My Past)
Luminous memories of a fire inside, keep me awake/up at night and stagnant for days. Conversations with old drunks remind me I'm alive, and that I owe no debt to southern aristocracy.

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The following was originally published in 2012 as an editorial foreword to the online lit publication Hipster Fight! At the time, I served as the fiction editor and was on the eve of my 30th birthday:            The Portentous Menacing
Road of a New Decade:...

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Alt-Haiku (in the tradition of Kerouac's American Haiku)
Scoach I  Listening to Wilco, Cool cross breeze through open bar;  drunk, aimless, peaceful Scoach II  "Return of the Mack" Plays on the internet juke box,  Dumb girls scream; I'm back 

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Interview Story (from 2011)
The following piece was originally published by Aol Jobs in January of 2011, and underwent moderate edits from site staff.  I Interviewed at Best Buy Sean Malone Jan 25th 2011 2:16AM I am a 28-year-old who recently finished graduate school. In the fall of 2...

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Team Unemployed: Rough Justice in the Real World of the Recession
(Originally published on HubPages Sept. 2011 under the pseudonym Jean Valone)  It’s afternoon on a Wednesday in late January. I’m waking up at my usual time. Most days my goal is to get up before one o’clock so I can watch “People’s Court.” If I stay up pas...

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     I hadn’t seen her in months and all she wanted to talk
about was Ted.      “I miss him. How is he?” She was wearing a yellow
shirt and jeans. She’d quit wearing jeans until she met me.      “He’s actually staying with my sister and my mom right
now.” T...
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