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"Every time I see the pink slip I want to cry."
"They basically do not deliver packages."
"The mail delivery men/women are so lazy, unprofessional and useless."
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nino nino's profile photo
nino nino
a week ago
I wish i can give them 0 stars ! This is by far the worst postal office. People that work in there are so lazy and unprofessional. Lines are long and every time you have to wait at least 30 min. Unfortunately, that is the nearest post office in my area, i sell stuff on ebay , so i go to that location every single day, and every time i go i waste 30-40 min...because workers in there are so lazy....and the funniest thing, this office have so many negative reviews and yet they not trying to improve. THE WORST POSTAL OFFICE EVERRRR
• • •
Cliff F.
in the last week
A crappy post office with lazy, rude, moronic staff (general and supervisors). They rarely deliver packages to your door. You can NEVER get your package re-directed with this post office. Lines start building up 8:30 in the morning, even though they open at 9 am. Parking is almost impossible. It gotten so bad at times, I see the kindest people blow up on these government dummies. You're better off having your packages shipped to your job.
Terry Hunte
2 weeks ago
USPS from this post office never deliver your package. They just drop the slip in your mailbox. The lines in the post office is ridiculous. Smh.
Tatyanna Whit's profile photo
Tatyanna Whit
3 months ago
I know this seems redundant but this place is horrible. Long read but please read if you're considering doing business with this atrocious establishment: I ordered a package via Amazon and it was scheduled to be delivered via USPS on Saturday. Saturday comes, I stay home ALL DAY waiting patiently for my bell to ring. Finally 9pm comes and I decide to go check the mailbox and there it is, a pink slip. Reason for not delivering the package?: "No Bell!!" written just like that. I was upset but overall since they're closed on Sundays I scheduled a redelivery for Monday.... ...Monday comes and goes with no updates, NOT EVEN A PINK SLIP, nothing. No updates on USPS website. I called USPS hotline and they gave me the branch number. Called the branch number and first the rep told me "It's scheduled for pick up" and when I explained that I put in for redelivery she said "'s out for delivery then"...SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW! So I called Amazon and explained this and they shipped me a replacement with 2-day shipping...unfortunately the replacement was shipped via USPS AGAIN so I called the hotline number and explained the problem. They said all they could do was schedule the package for redelivery on Wednesday and file a complaint with the branch. So I allowed them to do so. Keep in mind now, both packages are supposed to come on Wednesday now. So Wednesday comes and both packages are out for delivery. Good. Then at 12:02pm the USPS site for BOTH packages updates saying that the driver couldn't deliver them because "There was no secure place to leave the package"...WHATTTT!!! Why didn't he just ring the f***ing bell!!! So AGAIN I call Amazon who added USPS on the line for a conference call and I explained this to them. They scheduled the package for redelivery for tomorrow, Thursday and escalated my complaint ticket. They advised I call the branch again and ask for the "Delivery Supervisor" so Amazon then conferenced in the branch. Someone by the name of...let's call her "Lisa" answered. I explained the problem to her and requested to speak to a Delivery Supervisor. She kept deflecting my request by asking me more questions, asking "Why don't you just come in and pick it up" to which I said NO because I don't want to deal with the long lines and attitudes (that and I work late so when I get home they're closed). Then here comes her attitude EVEN WORSE now "Well the Driver Supervisor is on lunch right now you'll have to call back after 1pm". Ok. Called back after 1pm, the line is busy. Literally called like every 30 minutes until 4pm. Still busy. Finally the phone starts ringing and then goes busy again. Call back, now the line is busy. I called Amazon back and told them that if my packages aren't delivered tomorrow I want a refund and I NEVER want my things being shipped via USPS again. Now I know they have no control over that but I just wanted them to know that if there's an option other than USPS, choose that option instead. I'm convinced someone is intentionally not answering the phone and taking the phone off the hook or something. I tell you one thing, if I would've had to go into that branch on Saturday to pick up my s**t somebody would've heard my mouth. I'M TIRED OF THEIR F***ING ATTITUDES AND PURE LAZINESS!!! That branch needs to be closed OR they need to FIRE everyone who works there and hire a WHOLE NEW BATCH OF PEOPLE who don't have such nasty stank a** attitudes.
• • •
Glenn Florent's profile photo
Glenn Florent
a month ago
This place should be shutdown or fired 99% of people that works there. Starting from their manager. How come everyone keeps complaint for one reason and one post office and there are nothing been done to change that... " Those lazy people have time to write down pink slip instead, ringing the bell or take the stairs to deliver my package. They have no supervisor over there, I'd assume. So far I have four packages over there, with no further updates, tracking details, I even request an updates, so far I got nothing. I've been home since Tuesday, and I have people at my house everyday they have audacity to claimed no one was home. I went there on Thursday after I received a pink slip, to pick up an Amazon package. I asked them if I have more packages, I was told no. But I can't received any further update about my package they not even update webby is the delay... I'm calling Amazon and NewEgg. To resent me my package.
• • •
Amir Moosavi's profile photo
Amir Moosavi
a week ago
I would give this post office negative five stars if I could. Going here to get a package is like registering for a minimum of one of torture. The lines are atrociously long, the workers are the slowest I've ever seen and usually rude. Getting a package redelivered never works and so you have to deal with these people's BS whenever you're unlucky enough to receive a wretched pink slip in your mailbox. This place is an embarrassing disgrace. I
Esteban Dávila's profile photo
Esteban Dávila
3 months ago
Every time I see the pink slip I want to cry. The pick-up line is the longest, expect AT LEAST 30 minutes in line. It is so frustrating when all the other lines are empty and the employees play with their phone instead of alleviating the pick-up line. There's no large package drop off, so when you buy pre-paid postage you still have to make the long line. Sometimes they have an employee outside taking packages, but most of the time this employee if behind the counter helping the pick-up line. I've been told by the employee on the money order line that it is not his job to take my prepaid package. Something as simple as taking my package and dropping it in a basket, because it doesn't fit in the blue bin, can't be achievable. The manager is the most inefficient employee of the group. All he does is hide behind his corner office, when he is outside he does NOTHING to solve issues, speed up lines, or to mediate when people cut the line. Going here also feels like going to visit a friend in jail. You know you live in a rough neighborhood when you have to talk to the representative thru the hole in the glass. I think people suck much at their job that they have been threatened before. Bottom line DO NOT GO THERE unless it is absolutely necessary. If you do go, bring snacks and your patience hat, you'll need them both.
• • •
Betsaida Rodriguez's profile photo
Betsaida Rodriguez
a month ago
this is the WORST place ever , im disabled and the bulk of my purchases are online since i rarely leave my home its so sad that they don't even leave a slip i have to find out by looking at my emails . they said they delivered them which is a bold face lie because there is always some one home . im beyond furious and whats sad is that who do you complain too??