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Cesar Benjamin Ramirez

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This gotta be a joke, Beth can't be 28 years old in real life.... Can she?? O_o whether this is a joke or not it has blown up my mind.
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Andrew Lincoln turned 40 in 2013
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From London to Gallifrey? Or From Gallifrey to London?
Cesar Benjamin Ramirez originally shared:
From London to Gallifrey? Or... from Gallifrey to London? Let's find out. +Melanie G 
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Hell yeah ! We'll reach 3000 google plus, won't we?
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What comes to your mind when you see this picture?
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World of goo. That's what that reminds me of. 
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I didn't know Captain Jack and River Song appeared in The CW Tv show ARROW.
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Wow. Thats pretty cool.
David Tenant and Arthur Devil are in a show called Broadchurch at the moment.
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Cesar Benjamin Ramirez

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That moment when you realize that the governor was a fake time lord. :o
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Expecto Next Season!!!
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Someone has seen the silence.

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Guys guys ! ! have you seen......... ummm, nothing. Nevermind.
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Have him in circles
133 people
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Cesar Benjamin Ramirez

commented on a video on YouTube.
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CORRECTION: There are not 2 doctors in this new episode,  there are actually 3. Y'all are not counting John Hurt, he is gonna play the role of the 8.5 Doctor. 

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Ben der
Thank you ben, I will...
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Boba Fett wins, for sure. Lol
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Hello there!! Benji here :D how's it going?

Thanks for inviting me btw.
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I have to admit it, this was my reaction the first time I watched Doctor Who. Now, I cant take the song out of my head.
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Um Yea, that was me. LMAO 
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Does anyone remember this guy?
He was terrified of the HOUND and Sherlock helped him investigating the horrible creature as well as the mystery of his father's death.  This friend of ours also appeared in one episode of BBC Doctor Who, In fact I was watching the episode where he appears yesterday, it took me by surprise but it was so funny. I couldn't stop laughing at him because he has big ears. Lol 
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yea, I remember him getting shot. he was so awesome and noble in that epiosde
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That moment when you realize that the governor Philip from The Walking dead was a fake time lord. :o
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Hahaha that never crossed my mind.
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Have him in circles
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