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Love this quote: "Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently" — Henry Ford
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So, how long does it take your new single comes out?
so true..... but my fave quote is "dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today"
Of course, Henry Ford had social workers visit his mostly immigrant workers and enforce strict adherence to a program of "Americanization" as part of their conditions of employment. So, you know... Not sure why I am bringing that up actually. What's that thing in that TV commercial where people just hop around, non-sequitor style, because of search overload?
Failure is simply part of gaining experience. The first attempt could have been intelligently thought through but there was still something you just had to try out first. So you're going after the experience not the failure.
I love that quote.....I thought only me that know that quote but i was wrong there are some others who love love it
it a gud is actually true...luv it
Yes! But it 's not easy to follow this quote in real life. :-)
Its very true but how can we apply in our actual life?
Excellent, thanks for it!
Discontent is the first necessity of progress.
Thomas A. Edison
Sorry Alanis, I am not a fan of Ford. Nazi sympathizer and union buster get no damn breaks from me
Alanis what do you do to entertain your self?..any favorite pastime?
Great quote, Alanis. Hey, was wondering. My wife is originally from Ontario and became a duel citizen like you. Do you ever feel torn about having a home both in Canada and in the states?
Why is it not true kujimontsy mon?well e all have different opinion about that quote.....but that is okay
This is one of the best quotes. Very very very very true!
yeah thats good can you do that....interesting
It isn't very deep, let's talk
about different opportunitys you get from failure. Like; " the more you know, the more you suffer"
Easy people. She didnt write it! Haha Its sumthin ford said! N that ol' bastard prolly got it from his dad or grandpa.
you are a very cool person to know as a artisy
how do u spend ur time! u could share with me .............i like u
well sir, being the srtistic person i am i spend my time creating, that is when I'm not working, doing homework or being ambitious
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