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Another great memory from the scrapbook, taken in Taiwan
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Nice, Taiwan, my homeland .. ^__^
hands in you pocket ((: cool pic =...
hi , Alanis .You 're really very sweat woman . I'm from Turkey . Nice to meet you.
hello very nice photo you are very beautiful greetings!
Your weirdness make you different!...keep writing like that!...
Wow,you know I saw you at the del mar fair grounds on what must Have been the jagged little pill tour,this was in san diego.
"...and who would uh thought its bigger?..." I love it...low key, relaxed, seeming to be a harmonic balance...who would uh (had) thought...what were you thinking?
Most people can only imagine what you have seen, Thanks for sharing .
i like ur pic can u call me+2348064085614
D beauti of dis world is nt jst hw hapi u are,bt hw hapi peopl around u are,jst bcus of u.
wow you look like a real bitch in this one! planning on beating someone into submission?
how do u fill when ur in free time,because i think that u gt something to thinkalot
i will like your advice over the growth of my NGO call foundation for the freedom of captive international
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