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PHFR (6/8/14)
Pretty: I visited a few yard sales this weekend. I found this pretty coffee table for $10. My pretty girl seems to approve. A few weeks ago our next door neighbor gave emery a cocoon and he put it in a jar. This past week it turned into a moth and he set it...

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PHFR (6/1/14)
Pretty: Happy: Funny: Real:

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Home (part 1): Ypsilanti
I live in a neighborhood called Ainsworth Circle. It
is a small neighborhood on Ypsilanti’s south side.  Ainsworth Circle was the first fully-integrated neighborhood in Ypsilanti. The neighborhood school was desegregated
and slowly but surely the neighborho...

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Summer Bucket List
Yesterday I went on a mother/son date with Emery. We went to have a picnic and I taught him to ride a bike. It was a pretty perfect date (made slightly more perfect by being the same park where I had my first date with his dad). While on our date we made ou...

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PHFR (5/25/13)
Posting some bonus pictures this week...There were just too many great moments to pick a top 4. Pretty: The first a picture of my very pretty Lorraine at the bus stop. I love everything about this girl, but the thing I love most about her is the happiness s...

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An Old-Fashioned Girl in a Modern World: Cloth Diapering
I have been meaning to start a blog series about some of my
personal beliefs and practices for a while now. 
Quite a few things about me are counter-cultural and I would love to
shed some light on why I do some of the things I do and believe some of the

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A friend of mine occasionally guest posts on a blog with the theme PHFR (pretty, happy, funny, real). I always really enjoy the posts, so I decided to do a weekly one over my summer vacation. It is four photos that reflect our week with the theme of PHFR. I...

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When Life Takes a Tumble
A few months ago, in the dead of winter, our dryer broke. My
dad, who has fixed more than his fair share of dryers, came over to look at it
for us. “Let’s see what we've got here. Oh! A Whirl-Tag” he joked,
poking fun at our dryer which is pieced together b...

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Blogger Selfie
I was tagged by my friend  Mel  ( in this blog chain. Mel is new to the blogging world, but I really enjoy reading her work. She is also a mother of four and I always love reading about her beautiful family and adm...

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Happy Birthday, Alice Vera
This weekend Vera is turning 11. From the day she was born I
knew she was amazing. She was born a tiny 6 pound person, but from the first
second she had a huge personality. She cried a lot…a lot! She cried so much
during her first days of life that we were ...
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