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Steven Ernest

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How come there's an edit like every other second... can't she just talk extemporaneously?
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Steven Ernest

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Lolz, the pre-ad uses the song, "I love a rainy night."  XD
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Steven Ernest

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Hey, SE, what's new?  ^_^  aka a TEST
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Ever since Google+ started linking to YouTube, I have had a problem:  it seems like at some point a SECONDARY profile for both YT and G+ were accidentally created.

My original YT channel -- upon which I have many videos -- was created in January, 2007.  My G+ Profile was created around July, 2011.

I see most YT posts/comments on one G+ Profile, but then I seem some on a second one.  I never created a second one on purpose.

I would greatly appreciate any help with my confusion!  ^_^

I believe I am posting this question while logged in to my main G+ Profile -- the only one I want.  I will attach my active YT Channel, which is the only one I want.

P.S.  It looks like the "new"/secondary G+ Profile BEGAN with a post from May 29, 2013, and the most recent is November 17, 2013.

The "old" G+ Profile has my original posts of pics, logo, etc. and the "new" one is asking for a new logo, design, etc. 

I could provide the links to the various Profiles and Channels, but this may be a security issue -- and/or too confusing.

I would like to keep what I consider my original G+ Profile, and my original YT channel.  It looks like this began around May, 2013.

Thank you kindly for any help.
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+Peggy K  Thanks for all your advice, Peggy, I really appreciate it.  ^_^
I will definitely be careful about deleting anything....  because I know it is permanent.
I'll try your ideas.  Thanks again.
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Steven Ernest

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My first YouTube vid... (well, actually the 2nd, but it was rather embarrassing, lolz,) from those heady days of early 2007....   ^_^
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Steven Ernest

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Steven Ernest

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Wonderful stuff.
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Steven Ernest changed his profile photo.

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That I have no doubt :-) !
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StevenErnest = Steve in earnest. I create New Myths and study Old Myths.

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