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So, I normally don't post because, on the majority, I don't feel that I need to say much to the internet. But, this is an exception. There have been some incredibly awful things have been said lately about women who only want to try and engage in a discussion about what our society is doing and how it acts. The linked video is a great commentary on the unfortunate nature of these events.

Seeing what's happening in the world often drives me to lose hope. Seeing commentaries like this makes me feel a little better.

After three and a half long years. I have finally upgraded to a new device. Hello hᴛᴄ One M8!

- Sense has not (at all) improved.
- S-OFF'ing hᴛᴄ devices has become much simpler.
- ADB sideload is incredible
- GApps is evil

Well, it's official. I am now a college graduate. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree and graduated Cum Laude this evening.

What's next?

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Alright folks, I'm working on the full recode of my first "production"-level C project, shaman[1]. During the work, I've discovered that the NOAA actually offers an API[2] for fetching data, and I would like to comply with it.

The long story short is, I need to use libcurl as a SOAP client. Is anyone familiar with doing this?

All the best,


All right folks, there's been a bit of controversy lately. So, I want to bring you all up to speed on just how +Humble Bundle is totally awesome.

It all started with a blog post [1] in which Humble announced a new steam key redemption service they would implement. This new service would allow a user (after linking their steam account to their Humble account) to redeem a key with one-click and save each user a great deal of time by not forcing them to have to go through the manual steps of redeeming a key.

On the surface, this seemed like an extremely nice option, after all, it hugely simplified the process of key redemption. But, Humble touted another side-effect of this feature: it would help to cut down on key re-selling (and, in doing so, help Humble market the venture to more game companies). The reason it would help reduce key re-selling is because it doesn't actually offer the plain-text keys to users anymore. This, again, does not seem like a bad thing. If Humble is more marketable, that means more games coming through the platform (which may mean more games for Linux from larger studios or even just more DRM-free games).

Unfortunately, there was some serious backlash from the community (which, personally, I felt was somewhat warranted). You see, many Humble Bundles include games repeated from previous bundles, which means that users who are supportive enough to have gotten previous bundles already now have another steam key which they cannot redeem because they already have it and they can no longer give away [2] because they can no longer see the key's plain-text. When the arguments from the community became fairly obvious to the Humble team, they managed to do something that I haven't seem from a company in a long while, they apologized and asked for feedback and suggestions.[3]

Because I feel somewhat strongly about this issue (I like the notion that I could gift a friend a game—particularly when I can do nothing else with the key), I commented on their post asking for feedback and it was quite well-received. The basic idea was that if a user already owns a game on steam, then the key would become a giftable copy that they could give away to a particular user they had in mind. I figured that this would be a good middle-ground (it would probably still help cut down on key reselling, but would still allow faithful users to be kind and charitable to their friends—arguably a notion that flows logically from the project's founding principles). But +Humble Bundle did the community one even better than I had recommended.

For future bundles, as per the FAQ,[4,5] you will have an option next to each steam key on your redemption page to gift the key to an intended recipient (regardless of whether or not you already have the game in your steam library). So, if you love a bundle overall but there's a game you are not likely to ever play, you can gift the key to a friend from the get-go!

This is tremendous work by the Humble team. They realized that an action they took had negative consequences, asked their supporters for feedback and then took the feed back at face value and offered a great solution. Very few companies have shown themselves to be capable of this kind of accountability and self-improvement. So, if you had mixed feelings about Humble because of the new system, be not afraid, everything looks as though it will be better than all right. If you've never heard of Humble at all but love gaming, you should seriously consider taking a look.

Thank you again to the Humble Ninjas, you do great work!

[Update]: See [6] for Humble's new post regarding the matter.

All the best,


2 It is important to note that though the practice of giving away a key to a friend or family member seems perfectly fine, it was not allowed by Humble's ToS.

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Oh lord, it might actually be happening! Motorola, if you pull this off, I will be such a happy panda.
Goodbye Sticky. Hello Ara.
Over the last six months, our MAKEwithMOTO team took Sticky, a truck wrapped entirely in velcro and filled with rooted, hackable Motorola smartphones and high-end 3D printing equipment, across the country for a series of make-a-thons. On that trip we saw th...

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Are you kidding me? I know that a lot of people seem to think the whole #Occupy movement is over, but that doesn't mean we should turn around and reward the very things that society was protesting.

This officer maliciously pepper-sprayed a group of peacefully protesting students and has now been given ~$40 grand for his troubles. Not only is this a disgusting failure of the system, it is a complete insult to anyone that cares about fixing corruption, making education less extraordinarily expensive, increasing societal (and economic) inequality and anyone else who has a heart.

If society weren't broken, he (and all other police officers who engage in extravagant police brutality) should be in jail.
University of California cop who pepper-sprayed student protesters awarded $38,000 in worker's compensation: (Photo: Brian Nguyen / Reuters)

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It's so true. And, this, this is one of many reasons why I am sick and tired of Android. It started as an ecosystem meant to work together in a community to build a better platform. Google has lost sight of that; entirely.

The shift to closed-source (and the absence of any real freedom, even when the platform started) is enough for me to jump ship.

+Mozilla Firefox, I am super excited for #FirefoxOS, and I have high hopes for it! Please don't let me down!
A "look but don't touch" kind of open

If a company even wanted to consider forking Android and creating a viable commercial competitor, they would have to replicate everything in this article. Even then, you've only broken even. You would still have to give your users a reason to switch from Google's Android to your fork of Android.

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I have mentioned this before [1], but the ODROID XU is a thing of absolute beauty [2]. I have been waiting to get one for essentially one reason and one reason alone: ᴀʟᴀʀᴍ support. However, today, the world is a brighter place; ᴀʟᴀʀᴍ now ships images and supports the XU [3].

In conclusion, I have ordered an XU, and as soon as it arrives, my productivity may very well cease entirely… I have so many designs upon the world!

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