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Emily Benet
Emily Benet - more laughs than Bronte
Emily Benet - more laughs than Bronte

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Lifestyle Change: Experiences, not things!
Spring is in the air in Mallorca. The sun has been
shining solidly for weeks and everywhere you look, flowers are in bloom.  The bravest
have been swimming in the sea. I put my foot in the water, felt the
approach of frostbite and aborted my mission. As the...

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No alcohol? Whatever you say Dr Google!
After reading my last blog , I think a few readers think I have a drinking problem! But just because I've downloaded a motivational Sober Time app on my phone doesn't mean I'm an alcoholic. I also have
a period tracker app but no period - hahaha sob. That's...

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Westworld & Designing my own Narrative Loop!
Have you watched the HBO drama Westworld? Every so often I read a book or watch a series
that worms its way inside my head. Westworld is one of those creations that I
find myself pondering over and missing now that season one has ended. If you are planning ...

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Hello Writer's Block...
This is writer's block for me: it's when your ideas turn to sand and slip
through your fingers over and over again. When you can't sustain a story for
longer than a few pages before you get bored of it.  When this new reality makes your fingers
freeze above...

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Plot Twist: The Unexpected Nature of Living
I'm flying to Barcelona tomorrow for an unexpected family reunion in
hospital. After my brother's horrendous 9 hour surgery in March last year I
thought that would be the end of it and we could put it all behind us.  But
during a checkup a couple of weeks a...

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F is for...
On Friday, after a game of rock, paper scissors, it was decided I
would   be the last person to take their
driving test that morning. Expecting an hour wait, I headed to the nearest cafe.
My instructor appeared after twenty minutes. "One drove the wrong way...

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A Reality Check
I just caught myself about to text this to a nomadic friend travelling around Asia: So, when are you coming back to
reality? I stopped before I'd finished the question and tossed my phone aside,
disgusted. What was I implying?  Did I think 'reality' meant a...

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Addicted to bad news? Don't give up hope yet!
I'd planned to get a head's start for the week by plotting my new novel. But no sooner had I opened my computer I got sucked into social media and the dramatic
executive orders being churned out in America.  What's wrong with you?  I snapped at myself, as I...

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5 Tips to Staying Productive and Motivated when Working from Home
Whenever my husband has to travel for work I always tell myself it's an
opportunity to do great things. I visualise myself working late into the night
on new books and swapping Netflix for writing extra blogs and raising my author
profile. The reality is, w...

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It's OK to Switch off the News
Imagine that every time you have an interaction with someone or
something, a piece of you remains with that thing or that person. A piece of
your energy is left behind. By the end of the day, there wouldn't be much left of you, would there? Or imagine yours...
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