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Am I Too Young For Breast Implants?

A frequent question asked by the younger female seeking breast augmentation is: how young is too young? Dr.Backstein, Toronto breast implants specialist, suggests that patients need to have reached an age at which breast development must be complete prior to undertaking breast augmentation. Breast growth generally ceases around the age of 19 years but may continue for some time thereafter. Dr. Backstein will ask individual patients for their own opinion as to whether they feel their breasts have stabilized in terms of growth but usually will not advise breast implant surgery prior to 19 years old. It is also important for individual patients to feel confident that their present wishes for their body will be maintained throughout their adult life. While breast implants can be removed later in life, permanent changes to the shape and form of the breast will be evident including loss of perkiness and a somewhat ptotic (sagging) look. Therefore, it is not wise for a younger woman to believe that implants put in now can simply be removed later.
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