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Typical Portland Spring

Decided to take a walk at lunch on Thursday and head down to see the cherry blossoms despite the rain. It was a little late in the season (I was away the previous week) but thanks to the rain I pretty much had the place to myself.

On a totally unrelated note, been enjoying listening to the He Shoots, He Draws podcast by +Glyn Dewis and +Dave Clayton - they talk about all kinds of photography and design stuff (no tutorials). I highly recommend it. Here's are a couple of ways to tune in:
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food for thought
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Every day I see the evil and cruelty humans continue to inflict upon those who are defenseless, caught in the middle of someone else's fight, while those who have the power to make a difference don't, and I cannot help but feel empty.

My submission for the Art of Self-Portraiture Community's Bi-monthly challenge.

#selfportrait #selfportraiture #empty
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Waking up to snow

Earlier in the week we got some snow, nothing like the previous year which brought the city to a standstill, not even close. But it was nice to wake up in the morning and look outside to see everything blanketed in white. Sure beats the rain anyway. Would be nice to get a little more, but I think this was it for this year.

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Steps to the past

Good day to be on the Oregon Coast yesterday, weather was nice, not terribly cold, and next to no wind. Would have liked to have flown the drone over the Peter Iredale shipwreck but there were too many people around below, so I opted to take some footage from further away during sunset.
This shot was taken about 45 min before sunset.

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Don't worry, I'll be there to pick you up if you fall

My entry for this Sunday's #SelfPortraitSunday with the theme Perspective.
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Sooner or later we all become plant food

The theme for the first Self Portrait Sunday of the new year is Growth.

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One way my photography has improved over the years is by making self-portraits. In case you don't know, there is an awesome community here on G+ (and it extends to the other Social networks as well) called the Art of Self Portraiture Community.

If you don't participate already, I would highly suggest you give it a try. This goes beyond the selfies most people take - self-portraits have a purpose, they aren't about arrogance, they're about telling a story.

Take a look at the list, and consider posting for Self Portrait Sunday, or better yet, enter the challenges (more info here).

Give it a try, have fun with it, I promise you won't regret it.
All #SelfPortraitSunday #SPS 2018 Themes & Info
(scroll down for guidelines)

7th - Growth
21st - Perspective

4th - Submerged
18th - Black & White

4th - Diptych: Losing Oneself / Finding Oneself
18th - Love

1st - “In Public” (place yourself in public setting, like street photography)
15th - Eyes
29th - Serious

13th - “Something Is Missing”
27th - One with Nature

10th - Dreams/Dreaming
24th - Relax

8th - Planes / Trains / Automobiles (include any in image)
22nd - Surreal

5th - It Bears Repeating
19th - Goth

2nd - Magazine Cover
16th - Connection
30th - Cosmic

14th - Supernatural
28th - Movement

11th - Pain
25th - Fun

9th - Colorful
23rd - Morning

Remember, you can make plans ahead of time, but SPS images should be captured during the week of the “event” (from the previous Monday through that Sunday). You can shoot for the theme, but also feel free to share any off-topic images you create, as well. <3


Rules for all #SPS Event Weekends:

Everyone is invited to share an image - join us in capturing a current self portrait!

Interpret our themes however you like, or just ignore them. ;)

If you would like to share an image that doesn't match the theme, that is fine, too. As long as it was captured within the qualifying timeframe.

Please read this post for the guidelines and FAQ for Self Portrait Sunday:

We have a Self Portrait Sunday Category in the ASP Community - all posts and entries for #selfportraitsunday go to that category, which can be found here: (If you are not a member of the Community, please request to join so that you can participate - it’s easy to join and we are happy to have you!)

You can post your #SPS image to the Self Portrait Sunday Category whenever it is Sunday where you live, during this weekend’s “event."

Please only post one photo to the event. That photo should be taken during the event weekend, or the week prior to the event. Please no dipping into the archives. Your photo can be taken from the PREVIOUS MONDAY up until the event weekend.

As always, have fun creating! <3

Any questions? We have moderators and members in the Art of Self Portraiture Community who can help you along the way. Drop in and ask questions:

If you'd like to, you can also share your image on the FB SPS Event. Check the FB ASP page for details: FB ASP Page:


A Google Calendar listing all the SPS themes can be found here:

(If you use Google Calendar, you can add this to your own calendar and view it, turn it on and off, add notifications to your liking, etc. Load the link and click on “google calendar” in the lower right.)
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Time takes its toll

Several years ago my family and I took my grandmother home to her final resting place, back to the small town where she lived for many years in upstate New York.
I have many fond memories of the summers and one or two winters I spent there.
The town was very small, when she lived there it probably had less than 2300 people. Being there was a bit like stepping back in time, most things look exactly the same. The "downtown" has barely changed, the general store and diner is still there and there still aren't any traffic lights in town at all.
This shot is from cemetary of the local Methodist church, where most of the graves date back to the 1870's and 1880's.

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do you think you have what it takes to be a judge for the Scavenger Hunt? Did you follow the reveals and agree or disagree with the judges? Well, now is your chance to be a judge and vote for your top 4 images in each of the categories.


Hi everyone!

Deadline for voting for People’s Choice for the 21st Round Scavenger Hunt will be Monday, January 8th at 6:00 pm Central US Time.

This is fun and a great way to see what everyone submitted.

I will announce the People’s Choice winners by Friday next week.

The album releases can be found in a Collection I've made for the public:

Here are the links to vote:

Decisive Moment:




Window Light:



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