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Cael Yohann
In Beneficium pro Scientia
In Beneficium pro Scientia

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When Gods Leave
Do the Gods need your worship to exist?  This question  really intrigued me. There were some accounts that the Gods need people's prayers and worship to exist. Though there are some people who would say that the Gods do not need their worship to exist.  The...

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Flazo, Fluffy Goodness in a Cup
There are a lot of treats that one can have inside a cup. There's coffee, tea, cakes and now there's Flazo. I would like to thank my sissy Jolen for introducing me to this yummy treat. Flazos are yummy "Brazo de Mercedes" in a cup that comes with different ...

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Bewitching Batanes: A Budget Friendly Travel Guide
We tame the wind We tame the sea But we do not tame the Earth For She is our Mother - Ivatan
Poem- Batanes
has been one of the places in my bucket list, but due to its location and the
budget you need to go there, delayed my trip for a couple of years....

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A Poem about Batanes
Batanes -Cael
Pinto- An Island
formed by earth and fire, Its
mountaintop kisses the sky. Where men
dance with the sea And sail
to where the fish will be. Where
houses built with lime and stone and
stayed standing while time has gone. Where
people's smile ar...

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on our way to Paradise...


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