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LACFUG: Los Angeles ColdFusion User Group
ColdFusion developers and enthusiasts in the LA area.
ColdFusion developers and enthusiasts in the LA area.

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Hi everyone!

The December Meeting of the Los Angeles User Group is going to be next week on December 5. It's going to be a great meeting, as it is our 2nd year anniversary celebration!

To celebrate, we'll have a special guest from Adobe, Elishia Dvorak who will be discussing the latest and greatest features of the all-new ColdFusion 10.

We will also be having fun at a new venue! is still offering us the use of their conference rooms, but they have moved a block over. Details below.

As always, doors open at 6PM, and the presentation will start at 7PM.

We will be meeting at our :new venue:
9841 Airport Blvd., 
9th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90045

We're going to be celebrating with food and drinks and some giveaways. Come and meet your peers, and allow for some great networking! Here's to another year of awesome tech goodness with Adobe's ColdFusion!

- Rex

No meeting tonight. We'll be back the first Wednesday of December with a new meeting location (two buildings down from the old one).

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LACFUG is a participating in Mobile Camp LA, coming up on Thursday. Come listen to dozens of speakers across six tracks of programming, including hands-on workshops on UX, native apps, HTML5 apps, web services, mobile game development and more.

User group members can get the discounted Early Registration rate. Sign up at the link!

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Interested in mobile development? Mobile Camp LA is coming up next week on Thursday, October 18.

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CF10 is caught in the signing certificate breach.

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Mobile Camp Los Angeles is coming up on October 18.

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Dave Ferguson will be presenting on "CF10 Websockets Made Easy."


So, you want to send data from your server to a client do ya? Well, then look no further. Utilizing websockets you can push data from a server to a subscribed client in no time flat. Utilizing the new websocket features of ColdFusion 10 you can be up and running in mear minutes.

This session will show you how simple it is to get up and running. Then once the basics are covered more "out of the box" items will be covered to show just how powerful this "little" feature is.


Dave has been working in information technology for many, many, years. He has spent the majority of that time specializing in large enterprise-class systems. Dave currently holds a Master ColdFusion Developer certification as well as many other information technology certifications. He runs his own ColdFusion blog, where he posts interesting things he comes across.  He is also one of the voices of the CFHour podcast  The podcast, just like his blog, is mostly focused on ColdFusion but dabbles in to other technologies. Dave is also a member of the Adobe Community Professional group.


6:00-7:00pm - Pizza, drinks and networking.
7:00-7:10pm - Introduction
7:10-8:00pm - Presentation

We meet at the offices of on the 11th floor of Airport Center I, across the street from LAX.

There is free 2-hour street parking on the north side of the building, on 98th St., or you can park in the parking structure.  There is a parking fee of $1.50 for 20 minutes, but there's a max of $12.

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Mike Brunt on JMeter!

LACFUG is glad to have Mike Brunt, who will be presenting tomorrow (Wednesday) night on Load-Testing Mobile Applications with JMeter. 

Mike Brunt is the Co-Founder of Webapper, makers of the CF Performance Monitoring product SeeFusion. 

Please follow us on this new-fangled thing called the "internet," hope I said that right: -@lacfug 
    Google Groups - 
    Adobe Groups - - 

Please join us on Facebook and LinkedIn! Thanks to Kelson Vibber and Mike Brunt for helping out with the intertubes setup: 

Schedule's here so please take note: 
     6PM - Doors open at 
     6PM to 7PM - Networking, Pizza and Drinks 
     7PM to 7:10PM - Introductions 
     7:10PM to 8PM - Mike Brunt 
     8PM - adjourned! 

We will be meeting at: 
    5959 W. Century Blvd. 
    Suite 1111 
    Los Angeles, CA 90045 

There is free 2-hour street parking on the north side of the building, on 98th St., or you can park in the parking structure.  There is a parking fee of $1.50 for 20 minutes, but there's a max of $12. 

- Rex

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Wow, it has been a while, hasn't it?

LACFUG is back! Join us this Wednesday August 1, when Rex Vincent will present on ColdFusion 10.

We're still meeting at the offices of, near LAX. It's in the office building next to the Crowne Plaza hotel. You can look for street parking on 98th St. or park in the structure (but be warned: the structure is expensive.)

We hope to see you there!
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