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It is better to have sewn and ripped than to never have sewn at all.
It is better to have sewn and ripped than to never have sewn at all.

524 members have shared 172 projects and there is information on 1505 patterns in the database!

Updates since last time:

* There is now a links section on your profile where you can record links to your other social media profiles or sites of yours.
* You can now record your interests on your profile (under "Details") and on sewcieties. These will be searchable.
* Your profile color setting now affects the accent color of the site. Purpose: coloring the links so they fit better to your profile banner.

* We can now record notion requirements for a pattern. It's not perfectly refined yet, but it's searchable.
* We can now record fabric recommendations (e.g. "poplin", "batiste", "ponte", "lightweight linen") in a searchable way.
* Threadle can now hold information on minimum and maximum yardage required for a pattern (and the width-dependent alternatives).

* Measurement fields now have their measurement unit options readily clickable (no longer in a dropdown).
* The pattern entering process now includes a button to skip the current step altogether.
* Buttons that communicate with the server show a lightning symbol and turn red if there was some error. At least you know when it's borked.

* The front page (when logged in) now has a section listing people who have added a pattern during the last month to the database. Purpose: recognize those who help build this into a useful place.
* The "pattern added" badge on your profile is now clickable and leads to a search for all patterns you have added to the database.
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There is information on 863 patterns in the database, a bit more than half of these entries have images. Search is starting to be a lot of fun, and you can discover a bunch of unusual things, too!

People are putting in so much thought and effort and are providing us with so many great ideas how to make things simpler, better, and more searchable. So many designers have agreed that we can show their pattern images in the database. Thank you so much!

Some of the recent updates:

We now record the barcode of a pattern and have ways to test if a barcode or pattern URL is already in the database.

When entering a pattern and setting up the views of the pattern, you can now tell the system the last view, if the views are letters. That's much better than counting them!

A bunch of glitches with image upload were fixed.

The site's design has been adjusted a slighly - there's still a good deal to do there, but we're getting there.
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entering pattern data is now a 7-step process that presents the different sections of the pattern page in order.
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You can now record your blog on your profile and the system will try to pull in the headlines of your posts automatically.
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It's now possible to add a review to a pattern used in your project by clicking "Add a Review" on the linked pattern on the project.
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We opened a survey at to find the worst flaws of the site - so we can fix them and make things useful quickly.
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