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Why must it snow?
Guys, its been a while since my last post and for good reason. Work, snow, work, snow and of course work. The weather is so bad that last week I found myself in a ditch due to shitty roads. The holiday break was much needed. But I swear to you, sometimes li...

So I'm finally on G+! I love sports betting and I especially love to win! Looking forward to meeting new people and sharing my thoughts! 
:) - maybe even getting some fantastic tips!

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Sunday is NBA time
Guys - Sunday was a brilliant day for me in the sports investment world. I won just over $1000 and I did with some clever betting and a brilliant sports handicapper. Just a word on sports handicappers - most give percentages of 50 to 60 % - that's normal an...

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Turkey Day has come a gone
It's been a busy series of weeks since i last posted. And unfortunately for most, this particular post is not about sports betting. I feel like ranting. Turkey Day has come and gone and with it my lovely and annoying family. They flew in from San Antonio. N...

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Saturday NCAAF Picks Results
So this time around I bought another daily weekend subscription at $49.95 from for their NCAAF picks . There's a link attached to the results for that Saturday and let me tell you - it was amazing! 61% of straight winners, 64% of over/un...

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Horse Racing for Winners!
Horse racing is one of those sports that are close to my heart. Probably because I've lost so much money on horse racing that I almost had to sell my heart to the black market to pay off some debts - kidding, of course. But I do lose money. And even though ...

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The Benefits of Parlays.
Guys let's talk about parlays. When I first started betting a few decades ago I was overwhelmed with all the options a better has at his fingertips. At the time I was a full of optimism. So I tried every option, from every sport - including horse racing - t...

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Great tips and fantastical results!
NCAAF picks and NFL betting tips! Guys, I'm a huge american football fan. I love college football and professional football. I normally don't have the time to bet over the weekday although I will love to. So normally I bet on the weekend when there are so m...

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Hey everyone! Welcome to the home of the sickest betting tips I've come across. You can say this is my collection of sports betting experiences from the various betting tips I've come across and my success. I've done for a while so I'm only going to recolle...
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