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Charlottesville: Two Sides to a Story
There are two sides to a story. I thought what took place was a horrible moment for the country, but there are two sides to a story.                Donald J. Trump, Trump Tower, Aug 15, 2017 According to Donald Trump, both sides were responsible for the vi...

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Some Not-So-Great News Clippings From Down Under
A friend from Australia sent some news clippings to me which portray how Australians view Donald Trump. The articles and political cartoons appeared in The Age , a daily newspaper which has been published in Melbourne, Australia since 1854. June 2, 2017 Jun...

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<center>Lady Justice Smiling Down</center>
Donald Trump is falling down, Falling down, falling down. Donald Trump is falling down, My Fair Lady. Son in law is falling down, Falling down, falling down. Son in law is falling down, My Fair Lady. Trump Junior's falling down, Falling down, falling down. ...

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Seeing Red, Feeling Blue, and Turning Purple
Maps of the 2012 and 2016 Presidential Elections Republicans were feeling ecstatic when they viewed the increase in red in the map after the 2016 Presidential Election! When Democrats viewed the map after the 2016 Presidential Election, they were feeling bl...

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<center>Tales from the Dodger Dugout by Carl Erskine</center>
You don't have to be an old fan of the Brooklyn Bums to enjoy reading this book. In fact, you don't even have to be a baseball fan at all to enjoy reading this book.  But if you are a baseball fan–and a fan of the old Brooklyn Dodgers at that–you will enjoy...

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The Card Catalog: Books, Cards and Literary Treasures by The Library of Congress. Reviewed by Jerry Morris
ISBN 978-1-4521-4540-2    Every now and then there is a book that comes my way that I just can't put down.   The Card Catalog  is the latest one of them.  Surrounding the book is a belly band displaying the LOC card catalog of Walt Whitman's  Leaves of Gra...

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<center>What Happened to Me: <br />My Life with Books, Research Libraries, and Performing Arts <br />by David H. Stam, Reviewed by Jerry Morris</center>
"As is the wont of many old farts in retirement, I was reminiscing..." These are the author's words, not mine! David H. Stam wrote those words in his Epilogue, "The Origins of this Screed." And in the very first paragraph of his Preface, Stam suggests that ...

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A Close Look at Our Old U.S. Refugee Admissions Program
In Fiscal Year 2016, the United States welcomed 84,955 refugees from around the world.  In Fiscal Year 2017, which began on Oct. 1st, the United States was supposed to welcome another 110,000 refugees; however, President Donald Trump has limited the number ...

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The Unaffordable American Health Care Act
On Oct. 16, 2015, Rep Tom Price [R Ga.] introduced H.R. 3762, a bill that would effectively defund the Affordable Care Act. On Jan. 08, 2016, President Barack Obama vetoed the bill.  And he provided his reasoning in a message to the House of Representatives...

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The Idiosyncrasies of a C. S. Forester Collector
When my wife goes to her Weight Watchers meeting on Tuesday mornings, I go to MacDonald's for a cup of coffee and a yogurt parfait.  Then I usually visit the Sheriffs Youth Ranch Thrift Store on US19 in New Port Richey, Fl. and check out the book section.  ...
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