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I like this program called Pester. It's a simple Alarm app I use to remind me of things I need to do soon, usually things not worth putting in the calendar. Like if I'm steeping some tea, I don't want to forget to drink it (I've done that too many times to count). So I set a Pester alarm for 4 minutes that says "Tea is ready."

Pester keeps a list of reminders you've set so that it's easy to make the same reminder again. The other day I thought it was interesting to see all the reminders I've set up. (While typing that sentence, Pester just reminded me to "Go to the gym" but I hit snooze).

Here are the things I've asked Pester to remind me to do (which I acknowledge may only be interesting to me):

Go to the gym
Get the tea
Print check for Georgia
Leave in 5 minutes
Leave now
Get Russell
Get ready for shoot
Heat turkey burger
Go move the car
Move the car now
Get ready to go
Order Chinese food
Feed Jackson
Go meet Ellen
Go to R & R's place
Tea is ready
Get Boris
Call the vet
Make cider
Call assistant
Boil water
Generic alarm
Watch the keynote
Burrito's done

And once, during a period where I was obsessed with the fact that you can have Pester actually speak the alarm text, I had it say, "Excuse me, David. I hate to interrupt you but your tea is ready."

Okay, I'm off to the gym.
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Did anyone care about 11-11-11 back in 1911?

It turns out they did. This article appeared on the front page of the New York Times on Saturday, November 11, 1911.
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