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I need a pointer from you, oh social network. I have a program for Macs that include two shell scripts and a small C program that uses the opencv library. I want to bundle this all up into something a non-expert can download and run easily, without having to rewrite stuff in xcode, etc.

Is there an easy way to bundle this up, including the opencv library, so an average user can Just Do this?
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A .app is just a directory containing a bunch of libraries, config files, scripts, etc. XCode generates them for you, but you should be able to bundle them up by hand into a .app -- though if it has no GUI that won't work. (You're not making that bit clear...)
What Perry said. Note that I think (but haven't poked at it much) that you can save an AppleScript as a runnable app, and that app bundle could contain the shell scripts and C program. (The AppleScript can then call them using "open shell script", and could optionally show a dialog box or minimal GUI.)
No GUI with this prototype. All it needs to run is a file name, and it would be nice to start it automatically at boot, if desired.

If .app will take libopencv, then this can probably work. Thanks guys, this might be doable with just a little work.
To start at boot, have launchd do the work for you (stick a plist file into /Library/LaunchDaemons). Maybe expose a GUI to enable/disable that?
"Platypus", mentioned in your similar thread on fb, looks like it might be the right solution. I hadn't seen it before.
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