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Laura Katajan and Mara Katajanira
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We can debate forever what's right and what's wrong, who chose well and who didn't, which side was right in conflict. But we must remember, everyone had a reason. Every choice has something behind it. Every side is right and every side is wrong. Nothing is just black and white, just Enlightened or Resistance, just true or lie. Everything has more than one side, nothing has just one reason. Every person represents every side, we just all choose one to live by. Nobody is perfect, nobody is simply a failure. Nobody knows everything, and everyone knows something. Don't look down on others simply because of what they appear to be, recognize who they are. Nobody can know the truth if they can't see all sides. Mara is Resistance, I am Enlightened, but neither can find truth, find Justice, find honor, alone.

Laura Katajan

With a new NIA leader comes change. Change that will effect us all in different ways.

New people are on top. New people may rise within NIA, but we can't forget those we've lost.

Between NIA Agents and Niantic Personnel, this war just gets messier and messier. Some will dismiss it as part of the job, part of life, but others will always care, always remember.

We all make our choices. All of our choices affect others. Their choices affect us. Never underestimate the power of choices, of free will, of emotions.

Everyone is born and everyone dies. It's how they live that matters. How they live that they will be remembered for. How do you want to be remembered?

Part of humanity's problem or part of the solution? Your faction doesn't matter. What matters is who YOU are. Not who your faction wants to to be. Not who you were raised to be. Who YOU ARE.

Who are you? How do you want to be remembered? Make your choice, and let others make theirs. You are you, and only you can decide who you are, who you want to be.

Laura and Mara

So on the EXO Precursers... So these things might be what comes before the Exogenous, their way of gathering data about us and deciding what to do with it. However, these blips could also simply be glitches in the portal network. Misty's mind palace and the EXO Precursers could be seen many different ways, but Mara and I choose to see the mind palace as a method to gather information whole staying protected,.and the EXO Precursers as the Exogenous attempting to adapt a mind palace to follow that same method of protected gathering of information. We get the different perspectives, and hope that you will comment on this post with the connections you see, because the only way to get to the bottom of what's really going on is if we work together, combine all the information, and analyze it all as one, everything a piece of a much larger puzzle. Everyone sees things just a little differently, and if the truth is to be found it's going to take more than one way of seeing things.

-Laura Katajan

Hey, so y'all know Misty, or someone claiming to be Misty, was at one point posting about Niantic lying and things not being as they seem. Yet, whenever she speaks in public, she seems much different then her internet persona, leading me to believe may be the real Misty, showing the side Niantic doesn't want her to show. If Misty is defying Niantic, could her mind palace be about protecting herself from Niantic a well as interacting with and defending against the Exogenous? And has Niantic been telling the truth or is there something more, something we've all been overlooking. What is missing from the story, what piece has Niantic left out and why? I know this raises questions and what many need right now is answers, but without Niantic telling us what they actually know, we can't find the answers. I'm sorry to those who believe every word Niantic says, but there's something off. There's something missing. Laura and I can't be the only ones who see it, who feel it. -Mara Katajanira
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