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When It Rains, It Pours
Sacramento News & Review had a great cover story in its most-recent issue: “ The $100,000 Homeless Man .” This weekend, the excellent Cynthia Hubert of the Bee , posted a wonderful article about a homeless man named Randall Koroush, titled “ ‘Something is m...

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Great article in the Sacramento News & Review about the $100,000 Homeless Man
There is an important story about homelessness in this week’s
[2/16/17] Sacramento News & Review that is centrally about the tormented life of Russell Bartholow, titled “The
$100,000 Homeless Man.” Beyond telling Bartholow’s story, the cover article rightly...

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Progress on helping homeless folk moves forward
Sadly, I couldn't find an agenda for the 1/31 Supes & City Council joint meeting and, thus, didn't go. Nonetheless, I think that keenly interested folk, like me, have gathered the gist of what is going to happen to transport a small mountain of homeless fol...

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Libby Fernandez and The Loaf & Fish go their separate ways
In an issue of the Bee that was on my birthday , it is announced that Libby Fernandez and Loaves & Fishes are parting. Of course, he article is written as if Libby could have stayed at L&F forever. But the truth of who got rid of who is something we are lik...

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Thoughts about a fracas on the third floor at Central branch
There was a
fight – sort of -- with, perhaps, a few not-too-hard blows exchanged on the
third floor of Central branch, yesterday. The scuffling opponents were an old
white man and a middle-aged black man.

The white
man’s complaint was that the black man ha...

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Allen Warren, hero of the homeless. Jeff "Stupid Ass" Harris, misanthrope.
Allen Warren, Sacramento Hero Councilman Allen Warren did something controversial -- that should never be controversial -- at Tuesday's Sacramento City Council meeting. He proposed that there should be a moratorium in some places in the city, allowing homel...

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Much revelry as Steinberg becomes mayor, but the world hasn't changed yet
The cover story in the January 5, 2017, issue of the Sacramento News and Review is titled "The world is changing," but there is no evidence that anything substantive has changed as yet. Darrell Steinberg is officially mayor now -- to be sure -- replacing hi...

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Bad wriing about homelessness in SNR, year-round
The Sacramento News & Review prints an irresponsible, lazy, goofy story about something serious: the deaths of homeless people A “news” story published near the front of this week’s SNR is a big mess. It’s lackadaisically written and it doesn’t source many ...

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Central branch Librarians up for position in Trump Administration
Word, leaked from Trump’s Transition Team, is that
Sacramento Public Library, Central branch, librarians, are up for a position in
the Trump Administration. An article in Breitbart News further ballyhooed the
development, suggesting that the Librarians at t...

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Continual vexxing problems at SPL's Central branch
The Central Library branch of the
Sacramento Public Library is attempting to reduce/deflect usage of the
branch by homeless people by removing seating for people on its
third floor. Anti-homeless policies of the branch has been topic of dissension in rec...
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