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Beard Oil Recipes

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New Beard Oil Recipes Available Using Argan Oil! Check them for your next homemade beard oil!

Taming The Wild Patchouli Cedarwood Orange Beard Oil

½ oz Sweet Almond oil
¼ oz Grape-seed oil
¼ oz Argan oil
5 drops of Cedarwood oil
5 drops of Sweet Orange essential oil
5 drops of Patchouli oil

Sweet orange essential oil has top notes-which mean that its fragrance fades away faster than the other fragrances. The Cedarwood and Patchouli are base notes, which mean they are strong and their fragrance lasts longer. The above mixture will give you 1-2% dilution per 100 ml of oil used. The formula is known to tame frizzy hair. Mix together all ingredients and add the essential oils on top. Store the bottle in a cool and dry place and use daily as required.

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Anti Dandruff Beard Oil Recipe

25 % of Jojoba oil
25% of Sweet Almond Oil
50% Emu oil

In a clean bottle, mix all three oils. Do not be surprised by the higher quantity of Emu oil. This oil is usually enriched with Vitamin E so it does not go rancid. It is also non greasy and does not clog pores. It has a very mild fragrance that vanishes a few minutes after application. Emu oil heals and nourishes dry flaky skin. Likewise, sweet Almond oil is also easily absorbed by the skin where it reduces dandruff and provides round the clock hydration. Jojoba oil, on the other hand, mimics the properties of sebum that is naturally produced by human skin. It protects, nourishes and heals and also softens dry and frizzy moustache or beard hair.

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Argan & Sweet Almond Moisturizing Beard Oil Recipe

½ oz. of Sweet almond oil
¼ oz. Moroccan Argan nut oil
3-4 drops of Cedar essential oil
3-4 drops of Frankincense essential oil

Take the required quantity of Sweet Almond oil and Argan nut oil in a bottle. Now add in the essential oils with a clean dropper. Cap the bottle tightly and shake. This is a moisturizing formula that conditions frizzy and dry beards. Apply this recipe after every shower. The Moroccan Argan oil offers natural sun protection to prevent beard from drying out. Note that original Argan oil can be expensive as it is not available in the USA and Canada. Also note that Argan oil can be a bit greasy; so reduce the quantity if you do not like greasy beards.

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Smell Like a Blend of Nuts Beard Oil Recipe

Another scent that is sure to recall the outdoors, this is a recipe for those of us who like our trees before they’re even born. For this recipe, we’ll suggest using almond oil as the base, since it certainly plays into the blend very well. If it’s not already clear, avoid this if you have any kind of nut allergy. Even if you’re not sure, play it safe and try another recipe.

10 drops of cypress essential oil
2 drops of tea tree oil
4 drops of sandalwood oil
1 ounce of almond oil

As before, put them all together and give them a shake. If you’re not into almond oil, you can always just replace it with any of the other myriad of carrier oils, but keep in mind that this will change the smell to an extent of course.

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A “Guy Named Jorge” Beard Oil Recipe

¾oz argan oil
¼oz coconut oil
3 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops of tea tree essential oil
2 drops of vanilla essential oil

A “Guy Named Jorge” is definitely a recipe you want to try. Start by adding the ¼oz coconut and ¾oz argan oils into the bottle respectively. Proceed by adding the essential oils that incorporates the 3 drops of lavender, 2 drops of vanilla, and 2 drops of tea tree oil into the mixture. Cap your bottle tightly and then shake the mixture vigorously for about one minute. Your beard oil is ready to use!

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A Little Bit of Woods Beard Oil Recipe

If you’re looking for a beard oil with good moisturising effects that is not too offensive or noticeable in terms of smell, you might want to go with this recipe. It combines a few more subtle essential oils and has a vague wood and citrus scent.

6 drops of lime oil
4 drops of sandalwood oil
2 drops of vetiver oil
1 ounce of your carrier oil

As a carrier oil for the base, grapeseed is recommended here, but it’s not necessarily required. You might want to experiment a bit and see what smells best to you. Argon oil or almond oil also works pretty well. The key with this recipe is to just keep everything very diluted so that the smell doesn’t become too overwhelmingly strong.

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