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This is an awesome set of guides and materials for using top Edu apps in the classroom!
App Kickstart Guides -- new from Google Play for Education

Hi all, Lewis here from the Google Play for Education team. I’m excited to share something new with you today -- App Kickstart Guides!

You can find them at

App Kickstart Guides are designed to build your app-titude (get it? :) for specific Android apps, by getting you up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

The guides come in presentation format, and include videos, best practices, and most importantly, concrete instructional ideas (like sample lesson plans and projects).

Just moments ago, I just clicked the publish button on the first 11 guides, including Explain Everything, Book Creator, Slice Fractions, and more.

I wanted this community to be the first to know about them, as we really hope they support you in your work with students and teachers. 

Many members of this community have helped shape these guides, and we’d love for that to continue. Please let us know what you think!

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If you're an iOS user, you should totally check out +Damian Isla's (my husband's) new game, Third Eye Crime, it launched today!

It's a game-noir style stealth puzzle game about a telepathic art thief. How could that not be awesome?!

(Yes, I know, I want the Android version too!!!!)

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Check out the awesome new google edu video!
Share away and spread the love! Google for Education 101 (in 101 seconds)

Hey Macronos community! Has anyone seen the issue when you stop seeing Macronos as a cast option when clicking the cast icon in play music?

I still see my physical chromecast and no longer see macronos, but, casting/playing direct from the macronos controller still works.


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I'm very excited and proud to announce the launch of Tablets and Google Play in Education, the project I've been working on the past 1.5 years!

Introducing tablets with Google Play for Education.

Designed for learning, and made for the classroom this new offering from Google in Education brings schools a 1:1 tablet solution that is affordable, easy for Administrators to set-up and manage, and helps teachers find content they can trust. #playedu

Learn more in our blog post: +Android Developers 

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Very exciting! This is the product I have been helping build, lead, and work on for the past year or so! Android? Play? Education? Awesome!!!
We’ll soon be launching Google Play for Education, a new destination for students and teachers to access highly engaging educational content and tools. Developers, find out how to get started: Educators, sign up to learn more: #GooglePlay #Education   #IO13  

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I was incredibly lucky in my first year at Google and got to be a part of the initial Chrome Launch. It is an exceptional product and I am still proud today of the small part I played in it's V1 release!

Go Chrome!!
The team is putting together 10000 lego pieces for a 5 ft version of Chrome logo:) To celebrate chrome's fourth birthday, thanks for all of those who helped us get here

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Check it out! We just shipped an update to Ripples so it updates in real-time with no need to refresh the view. Now you can watch the virality as it happens!
Google+ Ripples now appear in real-time

Ripples are a great way to watch how public posts get shared across Google+ ( Today, as part of my summer internship, I'm happy to roll out real-time Ripples. This means that reshares and comments on public posts now “ripple” as they happen.

To give it a try just find an active public post, select "View Ripples" from the drop-down menu, and watch the activity unfold (reshare publicly to watch your own post appear!). The Explore page is a great place to start looking for active posts (


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We just launched this to all users! Please go check it out!
We’re launching +1 recommendations! +1’ing something has always been a fun and lightweight way to engage with online content. It’s also a powerful discovery tool, making it easier for friends to find the best content by showing social annotations in search results and ads, and now we’re taking it to the next level. 

Try it out!  Recommendations are currently available to our platform preview group -- you can join the group here: 

Once you’ve joined, go hover a +1 and discover recommendations for other awesome (on site) content! 


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At Google IO!

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