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Tim Isbell
Christian minister and a practitioner of technology; building culture by resourcing others.
Christian minister and a practitioner of technology; building culture by resourcing others.


Jonathan Clements, an excellent personal financial author, offers some great advice in this article. “The 10 Most Important Financial Decisions Ever.” I’ll post the list below, but for more on this, check out
1. How much you borrow for college.
2. What career you pursue.
3. How early in life you start saving.
4. How big a house you buy relative to your income.
5. Whether you marry the right person. (I'd rephrase this to "Who you marry.")
6. How often you replace your car.
7. Whether you make a lifetime commitment to stocks.
8. Whether you have children. (I'd add "... and how many.")
9. Whether you waste time and money on the foolish pursuit of market-beating gains.
10. When you claim Social Security.

For more
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I own a private Google+ community that I'd like to delete. But how? I've checked the Help and googled it, but the instructions all must be out of date. Thanks.

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After the Paris terrorist attacks, Robin and I decided to gather people for an hour of Christian prayer. When we brought it up with our Pastor Chris Hoch, he quickly decided to join us. Then came San Bernardino. So, we're designing a time of scripture-directed Christian prayer for Paris and Brussels, Syria and Iraq, refugees and their destination countries, San Bernardino, political and law enforcement leaders, terrorists, and other dimensions of the current chaos. After a short opening, we will spend most of the hour circulating through our choices of small "prayer stations." Then we'll close with prayer.

The gathering will occur on Sunday evening, December 13, from 6-7pm in the New Life Nazarene Church worship center (20900 McClellan Road, Cupertino, CA 95014).

Now we're getting the word out to our networks of people - just like you. If you are within reach of Cupertino, CA and are interested in joining us, please come! No previous prayer experience necessary. We're designing the hour so that everyone is comfortable.

If you're a pastor or Christian leader interested in hosting something similar and want more details, contact me after December 13 and I'll give you what we have (we're working on the now!).


Tim & Robin Isbell and Pastor Chris Hoch
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The first Sunday of Advent is upon us, but if you still have time to consider a new Advent Reading series, check out Advent Readings! I just posted "Symbols of Faith" a few minutes ago. It offers a way to include a child with a non-reading part each week. It's another original by Sharon Rauenzahn from Cupertino New Life Nazarene Church in northern California.

Tim (and Sharon)
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This week I've thought about the things I'm thankful for:

- Presence of the Lord in everyday life
- Forgiveness from the Lord
- A place to work in the Alternate Kingdom
- The people in my life

Have a happy Thanksgiving!
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In the ramp-up to the 2016 presidential election, immigration policy enlivens candidate debates, threads through political news stories, and even animates some of our interpersonal discussions. Unfortunately, the terrorist attacks in Paris elevate the rhetoric several more notches. Western governments understandably scramble to protect their people. Politicians move aggressively to block the path of refugees and other immigrants. It's natural and expected.

But what is the Christian perspective? Check out this link on Immigrants & Refugees.
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For months, I saved a Dietrich Bonhoeffer quote for this post on Advent. It's from one of his letters, written during World War II, from his German prison cell to a special woman in his life: "A prison cell, in which one waits, hopes, does various non-essential things, and is completely dependent on the fact that the door of freedom has to be opened from the outside is not a bad picture of Advent."

The Advent season begins four Sundays before Christmas and culminates on Christmas Day. This year these four Sundays are November 28, December 5, 12, 19.

Even if you or your church is not liturgical, Advent is the one season of the year worth adding a little liturgy because it helps make Christmas distinct from the rest of the year. Especially if you are a worship leader or pastor, and also if you are a parishioner wanting to build Advent into your family's Christmas, you can find some original readings for this season by clicking on this link.
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I lead a Math Coaching project where a small group of volunteer coaches  work help under-resourced middle and high school math students.

Currently, we're working with three Algebra 2 students, a challenging course for most high school students. Factoring, graphing, and otherwise working with high ordered polynomial functions is an important part of Algebra 2. To help these and future students with this topic, I put together a little resource: Factoring Higher Order Polynomials. To have a look, just click the link.
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I coach math among middle and high school students. This year I'm working my way (again) through Algebra 2 - and enjoying the new dimensions of Common Core. In the process, I put together a couple of useful crib sheets for myself and am passing them along to our coaches and students. This post is about one of them.

For a good (in my opinion, anyway) overview of the standard and graphing forms of math equation families, have a look at this link. It helps students intuitively grasp the connections between the equations and their graphs.
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I'm in a Google Apps account. What is best way to upload a photo from a gmail attachment into Google Photos? 

I can save it to Drive, then go to Photos and upload from there, but isn't there a more direct way?
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