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We are coming back.  Look for our new community and new name MOBILE DYNASTY.

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Are you rooted?  Need to install a recovery on your Android device?

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This is great new to all. SuperSU updated to finally support multiple users.

The app greenify is like bacon for your Android. You got to check it out. @Greenify

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Look what came today. This is going to be fun to review. Any down to do some Android gaming multiplayer. I know I will.

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If you have a mini Android PC then you will be happy. XDA just added a forum for discussion of those Android-based mini-PCs, like the UG802, MK808, etc

Ellis Owens

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Have you been disappointed about the reading speed of the of internal storage or fast 10 Class SD Cards on our Android Phones like me. It doesn't matter what you have, it performs very poorly on the Android device comparing how it performs on the PC. You want to know want the problem is? Here is a clue its the Cache size for reading from SD Card. It's set to 128 KB, on some ROM's even to 4 KB no joke! You can check for yourself your Cache size by looking into this file(Root reqired):

You can change it manually by a script, if you have root, but it will be reverted to default on the reboot. The changes need to be done permanently by loading the script on the startup through the init.d. But don't worry there is a script I found that allows you to do that on XDA. This script mods the speed to your desire rating. The recommended is speed 2048 but you can go higher than that. If you want to go an more easier route then their is an app included in the post to edit you Rom instead of flash a script.

I did test the script and app on my Galaxy Nexus and Verizon Note 2(no SD card). I did set my my speed to 2048 and I saw speed boost in both devices. I was very surprise that the Galaxy Nexus would get a speed boost being that it has not sdcard. But this mod focus on increasing reading size of the cache for the rom so it would work on a device with out an SD card. How did I test my speed I used SD Tools Benchmark app before and after. Also I launched gallery before and after, plus test opening and closing my apps and see how quick it could load different apps. I think this mod will be on all of my Android device for a long time so are going to try it?

Edit: Thanks to Jesse Beach for point this out to us. You can use Rom Toolbox/Performance/SD Boost to increase the internal or external speed of your memory.

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Ellis 'Clark Kent' Owens

Have a ICS ROM and want Google Now on your Android device? Well there is a mod to attach Google Now to your ICS rom. There is some requirements below that you need to have before flashing this mod.
[*]You must be on Ice Cream Sandwich.
[*]You MUST be rooted
[*]You must be on a deodexed ROM. If you aren't sure, ask your chef.
[*]You should be running a custom recovery like ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM) or Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP). I use CWM, so this guide is based on that.
[*]Your device must be using ARMv6 or v7 CPU architecture. If you aren't sure what that is, [URL=""]check this thread[/URL].
[*]You must have a file explorer that has root permissions. I use [URL=""]ES File Explorer[/URL], so this guide is based on that.
[*]You need at least 60MB of system space for the full offline installation. (30MB for online only version) If you don't know how to check, simply download [URL=""]Titanium Backup[/URL] from the market. It tells you right on the main screen. [URL=""]

If you feel like taking the plunge go hit up the link below and start flashing away and enjoy Google Now on your device.

Ellis Owens

I to wish everyone a happy holiday from Droid Nation.

We are planning on starting blog back up. So hold tight as we are get thing going.

Ellis Owens 

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Droid Nation show 43 Notes. Enjoy everyone.
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