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Kirsty Spraggon
Hi! I'm Kirsty! I love people and I love hearing people share their personal stories.
Hi! I'm Kirsty! I love people and I love hearing people share their personal stories.

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It’s a choice, don’t let it be the same. Choose to change.

Join us for a life changing course that digs deep…check out this link kx

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What do you need to release in this moment. What might be holding you back. Keeping you in a slump? That argument you had, that lil dig someone, fear! Old baggage...

Come on time to unload some stuff and let it go, let it go, let it go...

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Do you know anyone who books speakers? is there a department in your organization that works on your groups annual convention. Please share this post with them or forward it in an email as i would love to work with you in 2016 !

Here is a recommendation that just came in from XEROX's TWA 'The Womens Alliance'.

'Kirsty’s skillfully captivated our audience from the onset of her arrival. Her dynamic personality and charisma drew many to her as she navigated our conference activities before her keynote address. She filled the room with energy and enthusiasm and got everyone engaged. Her message was on point with our conference theme “Bring It On” and her story resonated with the audience. She empowered the audience to overcome our fears and challenged us to dream big! Her humor was contagious and it enabled Kirsty to connect with audience at a personal level. We love how she has remained engaged with us after our event through social media and emails. Many of our members reached out to her after the event to gain further insights about overcoming challenges and how to rise above self-imposed limitations! We look forward to more interactions with Kirsty, and recommend her highly.'

You can watch me live in the reel below. kx

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Really great way to organize your dreams, plans, projects goals etc...If you are working on a few at a time it really helps.

This is an old one from a few years back. So at the top of the column you write the project or specific goal in 1 color ie: pink.

The underneath it your write all the tasks that need to be completed in the same color on individual post it notes. 

I love that you can then move the post it notes around. Up or down depending on priorities and time frames. You can add some. Remove some...

Feel free to share any ideas for ways that you use vision and project boards or organize yourselves. It is important not to just have the 'goal' but also the micro steps broken down to achieving it! xo

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The years seem to fly by faster and faster don't they? So where are you at on Day 21? take a moment to reflect on that. Are you where you hoped to be? are you treading water? playing catch up? trying to get ahead? Do you even know where your heading?

Without even realizing it the days, weeks and months can pass us by so fast that before we know it the holidays are here again! 

So press pause. Recalculate. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. 

Make sure your clear about where your going & what your heart desires and then the manifesting is the easy part! 

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This is 40!
This is 40 with no makeup or filter and 5 day old dirty hair wink emoticon 
This is 40 sweaty after a workout but glowing with inner joy.
This is 40 with a few laugh & smile lines a lil redness and realness!
This is 40 naked and happy.
Often people are unhappy about aging especially in Hollywood where your discouraged from telling your age. Especially if your 40 lol and like most women I first see the wrinkles and redness and one pimple almost gone on my forehead, then I stop myself and say hey! stop that. Love me!! Your amazing! Your healthy and happy! and man have you done some cool stuff. 40 is cool too. So I wanted to honor my 40s and take a moment to reflect.
Firstly I'm proud to be turning 40 this week. I feel the strongest and happiest I've ever felt and I'm excited about the decade ahead.
My 30s were incredible. I achieved the highest level of success in my real estate career when I was awarded the Hall of Fame with Re/Max and not long after decided to follow my dream to be a motivational speaker.
Within 2 years I had published my first book and been awarded 'breakthrough speaker' of the year at NSAA.
Just after 35 I decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of launching a talk show. KirstyTV was born and now has 834,000 views on our YouTube channel! Woo Hoo
Somewhere in between I did a TEDx talk which changed my life when I shared my secret with the world and cracked my heart wide open.
When I think back on the past decade I am such a different person now with such a different life. A more meaningful one where instead of a career I have a calling.
As I celebrate this milestone with family and friends in Hawaii this week, I will be reflecting on all the moments and memories and making some new ones. More than anything I am just so damn grateful I have this amazing life filled with all of you.
Just a few of my goals for 40;
To push myself a lil less & trust more.
To take KirstyTV to the next level and reach millions of people.
To be happy in each moment and as present as I can.
To continue to open my heart and go to new depths of vulnerability.
Love you all! and I would love to hear your stories of reaching milestone ages and how it impacted you? or how you celebrated! x

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Anyone need a good book keeper? my guy in l.a has been awesome. Mention me and his very reasonably priced. Phone: (818) 703-8410

Services Include:

 Audits

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 Sales Tax

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4 weeks ago if someone left this weight on the floor at my station I couldn't even lift it to move it out of the way. Now I can lift it for a photo 😁 progress! 'Kaizen' small incremental improvement. Baby steps people! Daily habits really do transform you in all areas of your life. I feel like a champion this morning and I increased my usual weights by a kilo this week. What's some progress you have made in 1 area?

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It's the beginning of my birthday month today and I really am going to be celebrating all month long! Got my1st gift last week and a card today from Oprah Winfrey I am sure it's automated but I'll take it ;-0 thanks Lady O for having me on the birthday card list.

Next week I head to Hawaii to meet family and friends! I am starting to get sooooooo excited!

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I am my best self when I am in service. I feel my happiest and most thankful. Tonight I am speaking at a support group. Getting to share my hearts work about living with secrets, shame and stigma. I am so thankful to get to do this work. Happy Thanks Giving Eve to you all. Where ever you are, whatever your doing, whom ever your with. Be thankful. All my love kx s
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