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Poopsie: The Happy Ending
Well, Poopsie's "mother" turned out to be a man named Rick who lives nearby and was at his daughter's volleyball tournament all weekend.  The little dog actually belongs to Rick's college-aged son, who is away at school and blissfully unaware of any of his ...

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Last night, Joe and I went for a walk for our date night.  We found a dog.  He was trying to commit suicide 'neath the fast-moving tires on a busy thoroughfare. None of the other good samaritans involved in talking him off the proverbial ledge would bring h...

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Gypsy That I Was
I bought Zach a new toy from the children's secondhand store.  It's something I always stuck my nose up about, swore I would never buy, and I made it all the way through three kids' infancies before breaking down and getting one. "I entertain myself!" The b...

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It's come to my attention that, when you type certain words with high frequency, Blogger automatically adorns your post with custom hashtags of those high-frequency words. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem.  "Cool," I'd think.  "They're making my life e...

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Science Fair: You are entering a world of feces
The kids are doing science fair projects this year!  Exhausting, but yay! Adding to the exhaustion: Zach has had an absolutely ridiculous odyssey of diarrhea lately.  Diarrhea in the middle of the night, several times a night.  Never-ending diarrhea.  No-sl...

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Nameberry: Dr. Seuss Names
March 2nd is Dr. Seuss' birthday, but I’ll never forget the day I heard Ted
Geisel had died; I was eight.  Mom was
crying a little, and I asked her what was wrong.   She said that she’d never written Dr. Seuss
thank him for teaching her children to read.   ...

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Overheard At The Helm
Snippets I happened to overhear from the driver's seat of my Mom Taxi today: "Fiona [the dog] likes to be surrounded in hotness, so that's why she climbs in Aunt Sophia's purse." "The cafeteria burgers are either raw or horsemeat.  HORSEMEAT, Mom.  That's i...

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One, Two, Seven
Aught One Two? Three. Four... Five! Six!! Elise is seven today!!!  That sentence needs more exclamation marks.  I'll take her seven-year-old picture this evening after we have cake and ice cream, IF she stands still long enough for me to take it.  She is sp...

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Zach in the Box
Or should I say, Zach in the Bask... "Mommy bought the insanely expensive digital file, but she still insists on taking a cheap-looking snapshot of the print for her blog!"  "I promise I will give you back these overalls you wore as a baby, Uncle Max.  But ...

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